13 New Volue Weather Stations Increase Marine Traffic Safety in Norway

A custom Web API solution together with 13 weather stations with remote communication and data collection capabilities built and installed by Volue’s Industrial IoT team will increase traffic safety along the coast of Norway.

Image of Volue Weather Stations
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  • Weather stations with remote communication and data collection capabilities

The 13 weather stations, installed as a service to Trøndelag county in Norway, were erected in places with harsh wind conditions where vessels normally need reliable information to manoeuvre in and out of port.

We have a strong focus on traffic safety in Trøndelag. We were recently certified as a traffic-safe county. The installation of the weather stations at stretches of the coast exposed to wind, will increase traffic safety for vessels.

Kristian Torve, Head of Transport, Trøndelag County

Reliable data for environmental monitoring

Weather data from the 13 stations is now available to the public through an app. It shows wind strength, the strength of gusts, wind direction and temperature.

"The more we experience extreme weather conditions around the world, the more we will need reliable data for environmental monitoring," says Marius Brenden, VP Sales at Volue’s Industrial IoT.

Anyone who needs to check the weather conditions along the coast of Trøndelag can do so through the free Kystvær app. By clicking on the map, the public can get information on wind and temperatures in the location of the weather stations.

Kystvær is an application developed by Volue as a service for the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Users of the app can see wind measurements from over 120 wind measuring stations along the coast of Norway.

“We are incredibly proud to deliver this 13-station increment, available now in Kystvær. The service is widely used in Norway to plan safe sailing and other activities where information about wind conditions is critical,” Marius Brenden says.

“The service we provide to Trøndelag is an example of how Volue can generate and interpret data to successfully manage challenges to networks and infrastructure across the board​,” he adds.