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Enabling the energy transition in volatile markets

Volue provides software solutions, market data and services for energy traders, power producers, municipal utilities, and distribution system operators.

At E-world 2022, the energy industry will meet Volue for the first time.

Insight generative
Insight generative


Stay ahead of the curve, now and in the future.


Short-Term Market Analysis

The Short-Term Power Forecast and analysis gives you a complete market overview that helps you optimise your continuous trading operations in the balancing market, intraday and Spot market.

Medium-Term Market Analysis

The Medium-Term Forecast covers all traded power products ranging from time horizons of two weeks up to three years ahead. Our continental medium-term power forecasts were developed with the integrated energy simulation environment PLEXOS®, which features unit commitment and economic dispatch of comprehensive thermal-based power systems. For the Nord Pool market, we use the EMPS model system.

Long-Term Market Analysis

We offer market insight and forecasts for strategic decision-making. We provide analyses for up to 25 years ahead. Our products range from comprehensive price prognoses and full descriptions of fundamentals to expected market designs.

Optimisation generative
Optimisation generative


Automation of the entire energy management value chain


BoFiT Optimisation

BoFiT Optimisation is a tool that maps your generation or trading portfolio into a mathematical model. Based on this model, optimisation tasks can be formulated and calculated for the various business processes.

The solution allows for investment planning as well as for trading flexibilities that are optimised at short notice vis-à-vis current markets. Market channel optimisation is possible, as is the evaluation of contracts or recalculation of portfolio performance.

The model is created graphically, and no specialised mathematical knowledge is required. A basic model can be used for all business processes by creating variants.

BoFiT Forecast

BoFiT Forecast allows you to create forecast models for any application purpose and apply them in your processes. The forecasts are fully integrated into the time series management and the workflow management. In addition to simple profile methods (standard load profiles, temperature-dependent load profiles, user-defined profiles) a load profile extrapolation, regression methods, artificial neural networks and the methods of the SARIMAX family are available.

Volue Smart Generation

Optimise your entire portfolio of different assets such as hydro, thermal, renewables and battery storage as well as build up best practice processes to get the most value out of your assets and market volatility.

Waste2Energy - Optimised Energy Generation Through Waste Incineration

Volue automates and optimises the generation management of waste incineration plants in terms of power and heat market integration, taking into account municipal climate protection targets.

Thedora Redispatch Service

Thedora is an easy to use platform for services with focus on short-term trading of electricity, gas, heat and CO2 dispatch planning for energy assets various international energy markets clean and sustainable energy supply.

Trading generative
Trading generative

Power & Gas Trading Solutions

A driving force for successful automated energy trading


Volue Algo Trader Power

The intraday power market is highly volatile, characterized by ever-increasing turnover, and is steadily becoming faster and more complex. This is precisely where our strength lies! As the first independent software vendor (ISV) on EPEX SPOT, Volue has developed an algo-trader for the intraday market: the Volue Algo Trader Power.

Volue Algo Trader Gas

We were also one of the first software providers (ISV) to develop an automated execution solution for the EEX natural gas spot market: the Volue Algo Trader Gas. We offer it as a SaaS solution with a web front-end that is provided in the cloud (Amazon Web Services).

Volue Algo Trader Navigator - Trading Auto Pilot

The importance of data for trading in automated trading on spot markets is rapidly growing. In response, we have developed the Volue Algo Trader Navigator, a decision-making trading platform with multifunctional rule engine. It relieves traders in the marketing of RES & flexibilities by combining external market data and price forecasts with internal asset-relevant information and automatically deriving trades based on it.


Software for scheduling and short-term position management for power and gas. Our market-leading solution, previously named DeltaXE, is in a class of its own when it comes to speed and flexibility.


Ancitra provides automated bidding support for participation in the balancing markets. The solution covers the balancing capacity markets and the energy activation markets, and has a direct interface with the TSOs to send bids and process results. Ancitra supports the European market design as introduced through the EU harmonisation platforms of MARI and PICASSO. Ancitra is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Power grid generative
Power grid generative

Power Grid Solutions

Bringing renewable and stable power to the people


Grid Documentation & Data Management

Consolidate all grid data permanently in one or several synchronized & validated models to achieve full transparency about your grid. ​ This provides you with the needed foundation for all subsequent processes.

Planning & Analytics

Plan your network for the future, examine the effects of expansion measures and new supply tasks and leverage real-time data for improved decisions making. Leverage the data acquired to achieve operational excellence.​

Connection Services

Automate your processes around the grid integration of new generation plants and consumers.​ Save time and resources and improve customer communication.​

Grid Operation

Use the available data for full real-time visibility of grid status and better operational management, including outages & scheduling of work.​ Be ready for optimized flexibility usage for congestion management and Redispatch 2.0 & 3.0.

Spark generative
Spark generative

Distributed Energy Systems

Closing gaps in the neighbourhood energy system


New market opportunity for smart charging service providers

The electrification of transport is one of the biggest challenges of the green transition. The need for electric power is rapidly growing and so is production. But the more electric vehicles (EVs) enter the picture, the bigger the strain on the local grid will become. In short, EVs are creating challenges for the grid.

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