Volue Expands Portfolio with H2 Cloud, a New Measurement Data Storage Solution

The H2 software from Volue IIoT is an essential tool for securing data access from Volue measuring stations. With the launch of H2 Cloud, the solution can now store data in the cloud.


Oct 26, 2022

A number of our customers, especially in the Energy production industry, have for many years used our H2 software as a central tool to secure data access from their measuring stations.

We have now also expanded our portfolio with H2 Cloud, where we also take responsibility for the operational service itself.

Our customers can access their data behind a web login, or connect to our secure webAPI for integration with their own support systems.

We represent your measurement data in the way you want, either numerically or graphically. We can also add services for reporting or notification via SMS or e-mail.

We ensure that your data is stored safely in Microsoft Azure, that the H2 interface is operational at all times, and that your data is always available to you. You can also download data manually when you want, for further processing.

H2 Cloud supports communication with our data loggers such as the SM5059 and our NB IoT device SMIoT, other H2 instances, and also a number of other data sources such as IP cameras.

Contact us if you want to explore the possibilities you have with H2 Cloud for your measurement data.

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Marius Brenden, VP Sales Industrial IoT

Marius Brenden

VP Sales, Industrial IoT