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We deliver software solutions and services that give you complete control of your construction project, ensuring efficiency with low risk. The construction software Gemini Terrain has been a market leader for 30 years and has become a trusted industry standard. Today our solutions are used extensively across the Nordic construction industry.

Design and Project Management
Design and Project Management


We deliver a complete software solution used in all project phases, from planning and design to follow-up and work documentation. Through our solutions and expertise we have contributed in developing the industry standard for mass calculation and documentation of roads, intersections, tunnels, construction pits, water, and drainage networks.


Gemini Terrain

The advanced 3D models in Gemini Terrain are used in all phases of the project, from planning and design to follow-up and work documentation.

Gemini ProAdm

The calculation and project-follow-up tool Gemini ProAdm supports you from tender competition to the final invoice. The tool makes it easier to keep control of costs, income, and progress in your project.

Gemini Surveying

The main function of Gemini Surveying is to perform surveying calculations in an efficient and rational way, as well as have the result presented graphically and in clear lists and reports.

Collaboration products
Collaboration products


Our Gemini Connected SaaS platform ensures that everyone has access to the same information, allowing a more streamlined workflow. Our collaboration platform reduces the chances of errors and eliminates duplication, making it a popular newcomer on the market.


Gemini Connected Sync

All our Gemini products are linked through Gemini Connected. The collaboration platform creates efficient information flows between all your project participants and provides for secure cloud storage.

Gemini Connected Machine Control

We offer automatic export and import between Gemini Terrain and equipment vendors, eliminating the worry of working on outdated data.

Gemini Connected Quantities

Gemini Quantities is a service used to report produced quantities in a construction project. The service includes the Gemini Quantities app, enabling reporting from smartphone or tablet on site.

Gemini Connected Events

Gemini Connected Events enables construction workers to record and manage deviations and changes directly from the construction site, ensuring effective dialogue between field and office.

Gemini 3D Field

Gemini 3D Field is a tablet version of Gemini Terrain, used for inspection and registration. The solution allows you to efficiently use original models from Gemini Terrain in the field.

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