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Robust solutions for demanding environments

We empower our customers with advanced and reliable instrumentation and communication solutions for demanding environments. We serve customers within renewable energy, traffic, defence and offshore. We have developed quality solutions within instrumentation since 1971.

Instrumentation for Environmental Monitoring
Instrumentation for Environmental Monitoring

Instrumentation for Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is necessary to provide the knowledge, awareness and measurement needed to ensure sustainable development. We use cutting-edge expertise in sensor technology, data and power supply to develop specialised industry solutions.



Our automatic meteorology stations measure air pressure, temperature, wind speed, precipitation, snow depth and solar radiation, and more. We deliver stations to end-users in Norway and abroad.


Our hydrology stations measure the water level in reservoirs, rivers, groundwater, leakage in dams, and other water parameters. We deliver stations to end-users in Norway and abroad.

Road Weather

Our Road Weather Stations collects data on rainfall, rainfall type, air temperature, humidity, roadway temperature, wind and camera. We deliver stations to end-users in Norway and abroad.


Our environmental stations measure air and gas pollution, odor, and radioactivity and alert automatically if pollution levels are too high. We deliver stations to end-users in Norway and abroad.

Groundwater Measurements

Groundwater measurements are important to identify seasonal or long-term trends related to groundwork or drinking water sources. We deliver innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Sensor Payload for Drones

Our customers use drones as mobile platforms for sensors. We design and deliver sensors that monitor gas emissions, exhaust from ships or industry, and meteorological observations.

Data Acquisition Solutions

Volue offers a wide range of data collection solutions used in applications by the energy industry. The data collection system can be standalone or connected to SCADA or other top systems.


We supply customers with wind metering equipment and off-grid power supply solutions to wind farms.

Control Systems
Control Systems

Control Systems

We empower our energy and infrastructure customers with specialized instrumentation and communication solutions. By doing so we help our customers reduce costs, increase uptime, and reduce impact on the environment.


Traffic Control, Regulation and Monitoring

We manufacture control cabinets and supply, including networks, emergency telephony, and camera or radar-based event detection that controls and monitor the entire plant.

Light and Traffic Barriers

Volue is a proud supplier of safe operating systems for transport. We deliver both custom and standard lighting and traffic barrier systems.

CCTV Systems

Camera solutions are rapidly becoming a standard feature in modern hydroelectric power plants. A camera provides many safety advantages, and the investment often pays off within less than a year.

Green Gate & Valve Control

We deliver hatch and valve controls for hydropower plants. The delivery may include sensors for hatch position and end stops on older hatches to be automated.

Dam & Structural Monitoring

We monitor dams' mechanical structures, such as detecting penstock failure, structural changes, water leakage, or temperature profile measurement.

Offshore Control Systems

We test a wide range of control systems, and offer close links between production and engineering departments for efficient troubleshooting and good purchasing conditions from major equipment manufacturers.



For half a century, we have been a dependable supplier for the Armed Forces. We provide radar control systems, sonar training systems, positioning and calibration systems. We use our experience and high competence to offer bespoke solutions.



LF-300 is a complete system for testing and calibrating naval ship sonar operators. The system stands out by an extended acoustic frequency range, from 300 Hz to 100 kHz.


SONCAT is Volue’s portable buoy-based system for testing and calibrating naval ship sonars and training sonar operators. The system simulates the sound from an underwater target, typically a submarine.

Hydro Acoustic

We develop and deliver high-quality solutions for underwater recording, analysis, signal processing and underwater sound transmission.

Technical Surveillance of Radar Sites

Our solutions collect data from the radar system and make them available to operators and technical personnel, resulting in more efficient daily operations.

Tailored Solutions

Creativity and ingenuity are the backbones of our tailored systems. We provide innovative and robust solutions towards the offshore- and land based industry, securing assets, and safeguarding the environment.


Mooring Line Monitoring

We deliver systems for monitoring the integrity of mooring lines and other underwater infrastructure.

Hose Inspection

We deliver systems that oil platform workers can use to perform an internal and external inspection to detect rifts or deformations on the hose used for offloading from plattform to oil tanker.

Acoustic Subsea Monitoring

We offer small hydroacoustic communication sensors with low power consumption. The sensors measure angle, depth, or motion and have a vast potential for underwater structural monitoring.


We design and supply solutions for the aquaculture industry. Relevant deliverables are control systems, weather stations, water quality measurements, and much more.

Communications Systems

We offer flexible communication solutions connecting field stations with a data acquisition system and/or a SCADA system. Our solutions are used to transfer measurements, messages, and commands.

Structural Integrity

Structural Integrity

Riser Integrity monitoring

Riser Integrity monitoring



We provide an extensive portfolio of products developed in cooperation with our customers. We have streamlined the products into a generic product range for all customers to fit into a wide range of projects.


MPS Multi Positioning System

MPS is a high-precision positioning system for testing and calibration of navigation systems, radars, and target acquisition systems.

LNA Lifeboard Navigation Assistant

LNA makes lifeboat evacuation safer and is unaffected by external factors such as poor visibility and harsh weather conditions. Developed for both free-falling and conventional lifeboats.


STM receives and analyzes audio signals from sonars and generates an echo or emits pre-stored audio signals.


A complete system for receiving, recording, listening, analyzing, and displaying acoustic signals in the sea. It consists of the battery-operated SONRAS buoy, and a control station on board the ship.


SONTAS is a portable and battery-powered system for calibrating and testing naval sonars. The system is easy to handle from a ship or dockside testing.


We offer a general datalogger for meteorology and hydrology data acquisition applications. The solution is in line with WMO requirements for sensor handling and calculation algorithms.

Distributed Products

Volue Industrial IoT has for a long time in the industry, gained experience and knowledge of the metrological suppliers on the market. We are very critical of the choice of suppliers and the quality of deliveries, service and equipment always counts highest.


Precise, robust, field-based measurement systems, tailored for scientific purposes.

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