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The share of electric energy produced by volatile renewable sources is increasing steadily. With trading on interconnected marketplaces running 24-7, market participants depend on reliable data and analysis to create value and stay ahead of the game.

Insight provides real-time data and forecasts and market analysis on a scalable platform for the next 15 minutes, 30 years, and beyond.

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Market Drivers

We provide customers with the best in class data for cost-efficient decision-making. We translate weather into energy and present scenarios that help you manage your trading risks.



We update and publish all weather-driven variables in real-time, including short-term deterministic and ensemble forecasts in addition to a 46-day long forecast.


The relationship between weather, reservoirs, and power production is complex. We are the experts on quantifying hydrology and its effects on power production.

Urgent Market Messages

UMMs provide traders and analysts with a timely, reliable, and convenient overview of available production capacity, consumption, and transmission limitations.

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Market Analysis

Our European market analysis products provide you with accurate price forecasts. Optimise our continuous trading operations, risk management, production planning, investment decisions and more with the market’s leading analyses.


Power Imbalance

Extensive coverage of physical imbalances, including quarter-hourly prices for balancing energy, an overview of the day- and week-ahead bids, and more. Currently offered for the Central European power markets.

Power Intraday

We support the decision-making processes by always delivering up-to-date price- and fundamental data forecasts.

Power Spot

A Pan-European short-term model for weather-driven fundamental data, power flows, and prices. Get a complete overview of your price area of interest and the potential impact of adjoining power markets.

Power Forward

A comprehensive fundamental forecast for strategic decision-making, covering all traded power-products from the front week to four years ahead.

Power Long-term

Continuously updated long-term outlooks on power prices and underlying commodity prices for European countries. Providing insight in structural changes in power generation, transmission, and consumption per country.


In cooperation with Energyinfo, we offer an online market surveillance system of the Nordic power market called PowerMaps®.

Power Capture Costs

Capture costs describe the profitability of renewable power production from wind and solar. Volue calculates possible price developments based on in-house estimated weather data.


Together with our corporation partner Metanopoly, we provide a broad view of gas contracts, prices, and conditions. We base our strategic advice on data models and objective analysis.


Together with our corporation partner Perret Associates, we provide daily coal and freight analysis with short- to long-term forecasts up to 20 years ahead.

Market Consulting
Market Consulting

Market Consulting

Our analysts have extensive experience in modelling European power markets. With access to an extensive database for relevant market and weather-related data, we can help to provide excellent decision support for long term investments and hedging.


Power Purchase Agreements

Benefit from our market PPA expertise and get advice from our analysts for strategic decision-making on power-related topics.

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I 5 adam jang 218107 unsplash


Data is the fuel of a digitalised world. In addition to standard data products, we deliver custom data and forecasts solutions, tailor made for your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Market Data

All necessary price and settlement data from different power exchanges and brokerages in Europe, fuels, and EUAs. For intraday markets, we offer EPEX Intraday Live Price book.

Climate Data

A vast and unique set of data determining climate variability and change, giving insight into the impact of the ongoing climatical changes on power production and consumption.

Historical Data

Use historical data to test if your business model is profitable. We offer historical price data and forecasts for financial products as well as for weather-driven fundamentals.

Data API Integration

Our API offers all relevant curves for your daily operations. Data are available not only as forecasts and but also as historical series. The Volue API has become an industry standard.

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In the future, precipitation, wind, and temperatures will be key in determining power prices. We talk to Tor Reier Lilleholt, Head of Analysis at Insight by Volue, about the importance of harnessing weather data and how his team measures the pulse of the market.

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