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Automation of the entire clean value chain

Our software enables the green-energy transition by providing solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. With the growing share of renewables, power production, planning and trading becomes more challenging and volatile. Process automation and an optimal usage of flexible assets are key to stay competitive. We support you with ground-breaking software for automation of the entire value chain of power production planning and energy trading.

Forecasting and Anaytics
Forecasting and Anaytics

Forecasting & Analytics

Plan ahead with our forecasting and analytics software for power producers. With our forecasting software, you are able to plan water inflow and power demand in the best possible way.



Software to forecast inflow to reservoirs and power plants. With Inflow, you control your water resources, plan the power production more accurately, and maximize revenues.


Software to forecast energy consumption based on meteorological forecasts like temperature, wind speed, solar radiation and historical consumption.

Management and Optimisation
Management and Optimisation

Production Planning & Optimisation

Our Management & Optimisation software uses advanced models to help you get the maximum out of your assets and thereby increase your profits.



Software that calculates detailed production schedules and optional time resolution. The model is used for decision support when bidding into the spot market.


Software that plans the optimal production of hydroelectric power for the medium and long term. The model maximises expected revenue over the planning period while fulfilling technical and other constraints.

Scheduling and Logistics
Scheduling and Logistics

Scheduling & Logistics

Our software follows regulatory requirements and allows for fully automated power and gas scheduling and logistics processes.


Power & Gas

Software for scheduling and short-term position management for power and gas. Our market-leading solution, previously known as DeltaXE, is in a class of its own when it comes to speed and flexibility.

Trading and Settlement
Trading and Settlement

Trading & Settlement

Our solutions support power trading for the day ahead, intraday, and balancing markets. The Volue trading software can be used stand-alone or in combination with our production planning and optimisation software. This way power producers have better control over how much power they need to sell to balance production and settle imbalances.


Ancillary Service Bidding

Ancitra allows you to participate in the system operators' (TSO) balance markets, while Activation Request handles electronic orders for mFRR bids and production movements.

Intraday Algo Trading

In the volatile intraday markets, you have to act quickly to achieve the best price. With Algo Trader, you get the power and speed of our algorithmic automation tools needed to handle trading efficiently.

Nordic Balance Settlement

Settlement helps players in the power sector with compiling obligations, calculating and verifying the imbalance in the power market. The solution provides a better overview and saves time in the event of changes.

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Enel Green Power Automates Processes With Volue’s Software

Leading Italian power producer Enel Green Power has automated its planning and dispatching processes for the Valmalenco valley power plants with Volue’s software.

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