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The positive shift to green energy and smart power is transforming the energy industry. Our innovative software enables grid companies to design, maintain, analyse and monitor their power grid in real-time. Our cloud-based solutions can be trusted to streamline work processes and help everyone deliver smarter, greener energy. No surprise we have been a market leader in the Nordics for more than 30 years.

Network Information Systems
Network Information Systems

Network Information Systems

We offer software solutions for a quick, intuitive and practical overview of the power grid, providing the information needed for better decision making. Our network information systems are market-leading because we know the regulatory models, and tailor the solutions to the industry's needs.



A market leader within grid management for over 30 years. The solution offers reliable and secure documentation of the cable networks of grid companies throughout the Nordic region.

Esri ArcGIS Software

As a gold partner of Esri Inc. we offer world-leading GIS-technology both for on-premise installation and embedded solutions in our cloud platform. Volue has substantial knowledge on Esri Utility Network and have executed several successful migration projects to Esri Utility Network.

Decision Support
Decision Support

Decision Support

Over the last 30 years, Volue has been a market-leading supplier of specially-developed digital tools that support the entire value chain of grid companies. The software solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers and tailored to current work processes, complete with a user-friendly design.


Advanced Distribution Management System

Volue ADMS supports real time grid operation off all voltage levels, related to both outage management and daily task like the planned work in the grid. The solution gives decision support with tools for network analyses to optimise the operation of the grid, and enable streamlined communication with customers, field crews, customers center and the rest of the organisation.

Maintenance Manager

Software designed for planning, carrying out, and tracking maintenance work on the distribution and transmission grid. The solution is a module within NETBAS.


A market-leading case-handling solution, which streamlines interaction between grid companies and external installers and contractors.

Utility Grid Evaluation Services

An innovative cloud service for utility workers. It enables automated approval of certain types of messages on the low voltage network, and assures faster response from the grid company.



Volue helps utility workers document their work more precisely and efficiently by using modern and user-friendly field applications. Our applications enable the delivery of infrastructure documentation directly from the construction site and replace paper and tedious transfers between multiple data systems.


Network Collector

Network Collector allows Installers to easily register changes in the low-voltage network. The application is intuitive and straightforward to use and contains only relevant information.

Field Inspector

Used to register planned work on the power grid, such as inspections of transformer assemblies and overhead grids. All information is stored in one system, which enables efficient and accurate documentation.

iAM Viewer

The cloud-based solution iAM Viewer makes your grid information data available everywhere, and allows you to share the information with everyone working on the grid.

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