Gemini Connected

All of our Gemini Terrain users have access to Gemini Connected. If you have Microsoft 365 you can easily activate Gemini Connected for your company.

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Multi-user environment and sharing of project data across Gemini Terrain users, no matter where you are in the world.


Access to project data and models via the browser or Microsoft Teams. All you need is a phone, tablet or PC.

Cloud storage

Always up-to-date data wherever you are, securely stored in the cloud.


All project data backed up at any time with full version history.

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We depend on Gemini Connected, it is the ideal solution for us!

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Integration partners


User Directory in the cloud

A new user directory is only necessary if you do not have Microsoft 365, or other systems that already use Microsoft's user directory in the cloud (Azure AD). In that case, you can easily create a new user directory in the cloud.

Here you can create a new user directory

Here you can read more about what Azure AD is

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