Gemini Terrain Basis

Gemini Terrain Basis is a series of advanced models that are designed to be used in all phases of your construction projects, including planning, engineering, follow-up and documentation of work performed.

360 Degree

Keep control of your construction project from A to Z with Gemini Terrain.

Full Overview

Automatic calculation and visualization of all terrain interventions provides a complete overview of the situation before and after.

Integrated Tool

Gather all the models in one tool using a comprehensive format support and model management.

User Friendly

Customer-oriented, knowledgeable and professional customer support

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Gemini Terrain is a Norwegian-developed tool used by the majority of the construction professionals in Norway.

Magnus Tandberg Strategy Manager in Roads & Infrastructure


Data flow

Gemini Terrain Base gives you easy data flow, with import and export of the most used formats in the industry.

  • Import of road models: VIPS and LandXML
  • Import of municipal and private area plans
  • Import and export to machine control, GPS and total station, as well as to DWG / DXF with layer connection
  • Support for IFC, GML and 3DS formats
  • Documentation for NVDB and FKB
  • Export data to Google Earth
  • Google StreetView and Google SketchUp
  • Service Team - WMS WFS WCS

Drawings right in the map

We have facilitated the use of open map services such as WMS (raster data), WFS (vector data) and WCS (terrain and seabed models). Customers who are members of Norge Digitalt and have a BAAT user can log in and use licensed services from Geonorge / Kartverket.


Transformation for Cartesian coordinates.

  • Transformation between UTM and NTM
  • Transformation from / to NGO
  • Parameter transformation (Helmert, affine, recursive and the Norwegian Mapping Authority's standard transformations)

Service teams can be used to perform rough control of the result.

Plan deliveries

Helps you with zoning plans, municipal plans and detailed plans in SOSI format.

The software is updated at all times in accordance with current standards and product specifications from the Ministry of the Environment.

  • Finished system templates for layer structure
  • Import / export of SOSI
  • Visualization in 2D and 3D
  • Automatic topology cleaning
  • Add properties to object
  • Draping of planes in 3D

Gemini Terrain Base gives you easy data flow, with import and export of the most used formats in the industry.


Mass balance, mass extraction and mass consumption for a project with many different interventions can be presented together through a so-called Multi-report.

Geometric control

For production follow-up and documentation of work performed, the functions for geometric control are used. All deviations in relation to the projected model are presented in plan and in 3D, with both graphics and text. The results can be exported to spreadsheets or to an insight solution. Control report can be displayed with vector presentation in 2D and 3D.

Multi-report and geometric control can be taken out on the following additional modules:

  • Road design
  • Construction pit

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