The Volue Insight Data API

The Volue Insight Data API is a one-stop shop for those looking for fundamentals data and forecasts for all important price drivers, as well as price forecasts to use in their own models.

The API enables you to extract Volue Insight’s reliable weather-driven fundamentals data and price forecasts and put them through your own models.

Download the data straight to your database – automate the workflow, easily connect the API and use programmatically, feeding the data into your applications, models, and more.


Automated access to complete, consistent, timely, and high-quality data.


More than 150,000 data curves of energy data in a single source.

Quality data

Access to all available history on both time-series and forecasts, such as model outputs, actuals, UMMs.

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The Volue Insight Data API is used extensively throughout the world, receiving over 35 million daily calls.

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What you get

  • Up-to-date documentation presented on a user-friendly website with many examples to get you started.

  • Data provided in Excel or through a Python client.

  • Maintenance and quality checks as part of the service.

Advantages of the Volue Insight Data API

#1 Stay on top of all European markets

With more interconnectors coming online, European markets are getting locked together. In a coupled market, demand and supply orders are not confined to a single country.

The Volue Insight Data API provides data that covers all European markets. The models are pan-European offering insight into multiple markets. The API contains all the data you need to take data-driven decisions and support you in your automated activities across multiple markets.

If you operate multiple assets or trade large portfolios, you can rely on the Volue Insight Data API as the sole provider of reliable pan-European data.

#2 Succeed in a data-driven market

With an increasing share of volatile renewables in the power grid, the automation of the power market becomes essential. In addition, you need to manage participation in power markets (day-ahead, intraday, balancing markets) close to real-time.

This increases complexity and requires learning to work with data.

The Volue Insight Data API has the full picture for a data-driven market. Alerts are sent when new data comes in, so you can update your models immediately.

#3 Make the most of flexibility

The Volue Insight Data API answers the market need for flexibility.

In addition to relying on the data Volue Insight provides through its website interface, many power market players prefer to work with pure fundamentals data and forecasts for all important price drivers in addition to price forecasts, putting them through their own models.

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