Thedora is an easy to use platform for services with focus on short-term trading of electricity, gas, heat and CO2 dispatch planning for energy assets various international energy markets clean and sustainable energy supply.

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Cost Saving

Significant reduction of IT costs in the area of acquisition and operation


Increase of process and data security


Comprehensive automation saving significant time


Fast decision taking in complex situations creating higher profits

With the entry of NABEG 2.0 in May 2019, the procedure for redispatch is changing, which will be revised and started on October 1st, 2021. Distribution network operators are now obliged to take into account feed-in systems - including renewable energies and CHP systems - with an output of over 100 kW when managing congestion.

The market roles of those responsible for operations (EIV) and operators of technical resources (BTR) are also being introduced.

Why Thedora RD?

  • Reliable service to transfer your data
  • You are looking for a resilient solution with low costs
  • You would like to have to adjust your processes as little as possible with Redispatch 2.0
  • Because you can combine Thedora BMA and Thedora RD
  • Because Thedora RD matches our forecasts perfectly
  • Because a transparent price model simplifies your calculation

Brief description of Thedora RD

  • The RD message service takes over the required data and message exchange of the person responsible for the mission (EIV) via the communication platform connect +
  • The EIV is provided with interfaces for uploading the reporting data (master data, planning data, NiBe reports)
  • Maintenance of the master data via a comfortable editor
  • Visualization of the planning data and associated messages
  • Entry of NiBe messages via a web application
  • The plausibility of the data is checked before dispatch, the reporting process is monitored and irregularities are reported
  • RD calls are received and made available to the controlling entities
  • The messages are archived, the reporting processes are documented and the call-up data is made available as a report
  • The ProCom reporting service can be supplemented with additional services (e.g. generation of planning data, forwarding of requests to executing systems)

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