Waste2Energy - Optimised Energy Generation Through Waste Incineration

Volue automates and optimises the generation management of waste incineration plants in terms of power and heat market integration, taking into account municipal climate protection targets.

Schedule Optimisation

Volue's software BoFiT is extremely powerful in optimizing power and heat generation. At the same time, BoFiT actively reduces schedule deviations and thus helps to avoid balancing energy costs.

End-to-End processes

BoFiT has integrated process automation and control. This ranges from short-term asset and resource planning and energy trading to daily reporting and long-term planning

Central Data Hub

BoFiT provides optimal schedule values and forecast data. This and other information can be retrieved and displayed via web-based applications. Freely configurable dashboards can thus easily be made visible on the crane operators' display boards.

Sustainably successful with Volue

  • Best possible optimisation of existing infrastructure and waste incineration plants in the context of energy economy and sustainability.
  • Planning, evaluation and implementation of regional waste concepts and sector coupling.
  • Use of reliable software solution BoFiT established according to energy industry market standards.
  • Experienced experts to implement and support the realisation of your project.

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Energy generation from waste incineration offers a lot of potential for our customers. Particularly in the context of the current energy market situation and the CO2 saving targets of cities and municipalities.

We support and automate with our software BoFiT in the areas of:

  • Optimisation of the use of CO2 certificates in the context of waste incineration.
  • Optimised generation of power and heat from waste incineration plants in regional cross-utility sector coupling.
  • Power generation optimisation for automated power trading on short-term power markets.
  • Automated power trading.
  • Forecast-supported planning of waste volumes.
  • Automated waste bunker management.
  • Provision of planned and trend values for operating personnel, taking into account operating constrains and unavailability data.
  • Message processing for balancing group management.

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