Defence Solutions

We use our in-house world-leading expertise in sensor technology, data-processing and communications to design and globally deliver specialised military defence solutions.

State-of-the-art expertise in sensor technology

Trusted by the Norwegian Armed Forces since 1971, we've been a stalwart presence in the market for half a century. Leveraging our in-house, world-leading expertise in sensor technology, data processing, and communications, we have been at the forefront of designing and globally delivering specialised military solutions.

Our primary areas of focus in Defence encompass:

  • Hydro Acoustics
  • Off-grid Power
  • Defence IoT

Within the realm of Maritime Warfare, we offer an extensive portfolio of products, solutions and services suitable for both Fixed and Mobile Applications, whether manned or unmanned.

Our cutting-edge sensor technology and instrumentation empower precise control and monitoring of any asset, device, or structure. Data integration is seamless with third-party systems, or alternatively, we provide our proprietary software suite, H2™.

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Marius Brenden, VP Sales Industrial IoT

Marius Brenden, VP Sales Industrial IoT