Intelligent Traffic Systems

We deliver climate stations, SCADA systems for tunnels and bridges, sign control systems, and other safety and monitoring systems.

Solutions tailored to the transport sector

Volue Industrial IoT harnesses cutting-edge expertise in sensor technology, data processing, and data communications to conceive and deliver instrumentation and communication solutions tailored for the transport sector. Within the realm of transportation, our typical offerings include climate stations, SRM systems (Control, Regulation, and Monitoring) for tunnels and bridges, ITV systems, sign management systems, as well as other security and surveillance systems. Some of our deliveries include:

  • Road weather stations
  • Railroad crossings
  • Wave warning integrated with sign control
  • GSM-R quality measurement
  • Sign controlling
  • Comprehensive tunnel automation encompassing ITV and automatic accident detection (AID)

Volue Industrial IoT boasts an extensive track record in project execution, underpinned by robust procedures and a well-established quality system. We consistently adhere to industry standards and regulations during the entire project lifecycle, ensuring safe and secure project delivery.

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Marius Brenden, VP Sales Industrial IoT

Marius Brenden, VP Sales Industrial IoT