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Managing water and wastewater networks is a complex job, which is why we have developed the Gemini-portfolio. Our system offers vital information about your networks such as pipe material, dimension, operational history, and additional network data that affect water and waste-water management – 24/7. The solutions are easy to use, even in the field. No wonder 85% of the Norwegian water industry puts their trust in our expertise.

Water and Wastewater
Water and Wastewater

Infrastructure Documentation and Water Management

Good water quality is essential to human health. Volue is a frontrunner in the digitalisation of the water, wastewater, and stormwater network. Our solutions give an excellent overview of the network, the condition and maintenance needs, enabling the municipalities to work more effectively.


Gemini VA

A Norwegian market-leading software to manage and document the water and wastewater network's assets, such as pipes, valves, combined sewer overflows, pumping stations, etc.

Esri ArcGIS software

As a gold partner of ESRI INC we offer world-leading GIS-technology both for on-premise installation and embedded solutions in our cloud platform.


Geonis is implemented with the Danish standard for water and wastewater networks and is used by a large number of Danish water companies for documentation and management.

Private Infrastructure
Private Infrastructure

Operation and Asset Management

The water and wastewater network's operation and asset management are becoming more and more digitalised and automated. We are driving this forward with our innovative software solutions. We are increasingly using real-time data to examine the networks’ state to help municipalities make the right choices when operating and maintaining the pipe network.


Gemini Portal

Gemini Portal gives real-time access to all relevant information about your water and wastewater network. Handle work orders, surveys or notify your customers directly from your phone or tablet.

Gemini Pipe Renewal

Asset management solution for cost-effective renewal of different pipeline networks such as water and wastewater. The solution is relevant for both the strategic, tactical, and operational level.

Gemini Live / Water Alert

Provides an overview of the water supply status and possible leakages. The solution shows real-time data in the context of the infrastructure.

Gemini Communicator

Communicator makes it easier for citizens to report failures such as low pressure, brown water or no snow removal, allowing the municipality to deal with such inquiries efficiently.

Gemini Notify

A new and modern notification service that helps the utilities to provide better information to citizens. It is used to inform the citizens about events in the city they should be aware of.

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