Sensors & Data Collection Hardware

We empower our customers with precise and uninterrupted data series by supplying advanced and reliable instrumentation and communication solutions for demanding environments. We have developed quality solutions within instrumentation since 1971, and serve customers within the Renewables, Environment, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Offshore and Defence segments.  

Our hardware

We integrate hardware from industry-leading suppliers with our in-house developed components, allowing us to customise solutions that align with your unique requirements.

H2 & H2 Cloud - Data collection software

Utilise our data collection software H2 or H2 Cloud, both of which support data collection from third-party data loggers, in addition to our own stations.
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Volue Industrial IoT is an independent system integrator, allowing customers to freely choose components available in the market. We also serve as distributors for some of the largest suppliers within our markets.

Do you want to know more about our solutions?

We are here for you and ready to listen to your needs and ask the right questions to understand exactly what you and your company require.

Brigitte Centeno Austefjord, Sales Engineer