Our Hardware Products

We integrate hardware from industry-leading suppliers with our in-house developed components, allowing us to customise solutions that align with your unique requirements.

Our hardware components 

Below, we have listed a selection of our products and product solutions. Not everything is listed here, so contact us if you want to know more about what we can deliver. We also deliver components from some of the largest suppliers within our markets. Read more about our suppliers here.

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Sonar calibration and training systems

SONCAT (The Sonar Calibration And Training buoy) is our trademark for a portable and buoy-based system designed for testing and calibrating sonars on marine vessels, as well as for training sonar operators. The SONCAT system replicates underwater sound emissions, typically from a submarine target.

SONTAS – Sonar Tester at Site

The Sonar Tester At Site, SONTAS, is a complete portable and battery-powered system for calibrating and testing naval sonars. The system is easy to handle from a ship or dockside testing, and may even be handled from a small vessel, like a RIB. 

SONRAS – Sound Registration and Analyser System

The Sonar Registration and Analysing System, SONRAS, is a complete system for receiving, recording/storing, listen, analysing and displaying acoustic signals in the sea.

STM – Sonar Transponder Module

Our Sonar Transponder Module (STM) receives and analyses sound signals from sonars, and generates an echo or transmits pre-stored sound signals. In "echo-repeat," the STM adds a signature to the received sonar pulse and sends back this modified sound pulse.

LF-300 – Low Frequency and Wideband Transceiver

LF-300 is a complete system for testing and calibrating marine sonars, as well as training sonar operators. The system distinguishes itself with an extended and broadband acoustic frequency range from 300 Hz to 100 kHz. To achieve this, the system comprises seven transducers capable of simultaneous transmission, with each of them responsible for a sub-range within the total frequency range.

VLA – Vertical Line Array

The Vertical Line Array (VLA), is a system for recording, visualisation and storing of underwater acoustic signals. The VLA is capable of continuously recording four acoustic signals, covering all frequencies from 30Hz to 100kHz. The system is capable of sample rates up to 384 kS/s on all four channels simultaneously.

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