Our Hardware Suppliers

Volue Industrial IoT is an independent system integrator, allowing our customers to freely choose components available in the market. Nonetheless, we also serve as distributor for some of the largest suppliers within our markets.

Our hardware suppliers

OTT HydroMet

OTT HydroMet is the market leader in sensors for hydrology and metrology. OTT is a joint umbrella for brands we know such as Kipp & Zonen, Sutron and Lufft.

Campbell Scientific

Volue has been a distributor for Campbell Scientific since 1978. Campbell supplies sensors and data loggers of the highest quality and robustness. A Campbell data logger can read the vast majority of sensors, both analogue and digital, with the highest resolution and accuracy and has therefore become a “de facto” standard in many research environments worldwide.


GroPoint supplies good profile probes for measuring soil moisture with support for SDI-12 and Modbus.

Apogee Instruments

Apogee Instruments supplies cost-effective digital radiation sensors as well as sensors for meteorological and plant physiological parameters.

Delta-T Devices

Delta-T Devices has a long track record in measuring soil moisture and supplies good sensors that are often described in scientific articles from all over the world. They also have data loggers that work well for the simplest applications.


Volue Industrial IoT is proud to be a distributor for Oizom. Oizom supplies sensor solutions for measuring environmental parameters for monitoring air quality, acoustic noise, odors and dust particles.

Global Water

Global Water supplies traditional sensors for various flow, level and water quality parameters. Global Water is a Xylem company.


Hansatech is a British company that supplies instruments for plant physiological measurements. They produce high quality oxygen electrodes, instruments for measuring chlorophyll fluorescence, respiration etc.

PP Systems

PP Systems supplies instruments for plant physiological measurements. They have a portfolio that complements Hansatech and also supplies some of their instruments.

RM Young

RM Young has been the epitome of mechanical wind sensors for several decades. They provide highly durable wind sensors that can be used in most places where wind measurement is desired.


If you need affordable weather stations or simple temperature loggers, Onset is preferable in many contexts. These are simple products but which are often good enough.er


Aeromon supplies sensor solutions for measuring environmental parameters. The sensors are compatible with mounting on, among other things, drones for mobile measurements.

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Brigitte Centeno Austefjord, Sales Engineer