Insight by Volue launches its Insight2Zero programme to revolutionise forecast modelling

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Volue, a leader in technologies and services that enable its customers to succeed in the energy transition, has today announced the launch of its Insight by Volue Insight2Zero programme.  

Insight by Volue provides all participants in the energy markets with the necessary decision-making support they need in terms of fundamental and price forecasts.  

The Insight2Zero initiative will consist of several projects undertaken in 2024 to futureproof the Insight by Volue platform, with the goals of achieving improved forecast accuracy, more frequent forecasts, unleashing the power of AI, and implementing the capability for local area forecasts. 

To support this, Volue also announces that the required preliminary work has already been initiated in 2023 to assess the potential improvements and feasibility of the implementation of Insight2Zero. This proactive approach ensures that the first of the new products and improvements will be introduced as early as Q2 2024, allowing our customers to benefit from the enhanced forecasting capabilities. 

Customers will receive more accurate forecasts, custom models, and an increase in frequency of updated forecasts. These fundamental models form the basis of decision making in the short, mid and long term, ensuring Volue’s customers will benefit from an enhanced value chain.  

Benefits of Insight2Zero include:  

  • Forecasts with higher accuracy  
  • Increased frequency of the forecast updates  
  • Usability of the application is enhanced  
  • Better automated handling of data quality  
  • More robust and flexible platform for model development 

Arnt Sollie, Senior Vice President, Insight by Volue, said: “In light of the increasingly visible impacts of climate change, the importance of understanding weather is increasing.  

“Our analysis indicates that by 2030, the share of renewables in the energy mix will increase from today’s 50% to approximately 75% in the European energy mix. Given that these renewable assets are predominantly powered by weather, it is crucial to understand the implications on weather driven fundamental data.  

“With Insight2Zero, we are committed to providing our customers with even deeper insights into these dynamics.”