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Through digital platforms and innovative solutions, we deliver software and services critical to society for a cleaner, better, and more profitable future.

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Realising Europe's green transition

Volue is a leading technology supplier and enabler of the green transition. Our solutions optimise energy production, trading, distribution and consumption, as well as infrastructure and construction projects.

Mitigating risk in the face of increasing volatility

We provide accurate and thorough fundamental and price forecasts for participants in the energy markets. Whether you're looking at intraday, day ahead, or more long term, we have products that suit your needs with our Pan-European models.

Automated power production planning and trading

Efficient energy production planning is key to capture the value of your assets in the power markets. By automating and optimising the production planning and trading process, Volue’s new Smart Power software suite contributes to increased revenues.
Image of a hydro power worker to represent Volue Smart Power: Automated Production Planning and Trading

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