Smart Power Customers Set to Gather for Volue Energy Days 2023

We’re looking forward to this year’s Volue Energy Days, set to be held in Oslo from the 25th to 26th September. Developed with our Smart Power users in mind, the two-day event is sure to provide the perfect platform to meet our Nordic and Continental European customer group. Together, we’ll discuss sector challenges, outline strategies, and showcase existing solutions and technologies.

13. Sept. 2023

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Volue Smart Power is our next generation software solution that automates and optimises production, planning, bidding and trading. Following years of hard work, paired with an understanding of the requirements of power producers, it was launched to the market in 2023. Developed and introduced to address the ever-increasing complexity of the power markets, it enables our customers to fully leverage the value of their energy assets.

By automating the entire end-to-end process of optimisation, production planning, and trading, Smart Power has empowered users to navigate volatile power markets with confidence. To support that further, the platform’s ability to enhance existing assets is also supporting resource efficiency, highlighting our strong focus on sustainable practices.

Some highlights of the Volue Smart Power software solution include:

  • Comprehensive multi-asset support, including hydro, thermal, batteries and renewables
  • Economic and physical dispatch of complex power assets
  • Scalable data management, especially valuable when dealing with renewable energy portfolios
  • Workflow enabling full automation of the short-term asset-backed trading process
  • Openness through APIs to connect with external software

What’s more, did you know that eight of the ten largest utilities in Europe already rely on Volue’s software, and more than 350 TWh of annual power generation is planned and optimised using Volue solutions? Camilla Thorrud Larsen, Senior Vice President, Energy Solutions, Volue, adds more.

Camilla, said: “Volue Smart Power was introduced to meet the ongoing challenges of power generation planning and trading. Its use optimises asset portfolios and connects them with the power markets, resulting in maximised value and increased efficiency. I am delighted to welcome our customers to Oslo in September who I know first-hand are already seeing the benefits of this innovative solution.

“By automating and optimising the production planning and trading processes, we have enabled users to capture the full value of their assets in the power markets. We look forward to meeting Smart Power users at Volue Energy Days, to discuss the key issues facing our industry, provide market outlooks and deliver our roadmap for our products and platforms moving forward.”

Stefan Zähringer, VP Sales Europe & General Manager Germany and Switzerland at Volue, said: “While this is a perfect opportunity to showcase our solutions and share ideas and strategies amongst the industry, ultimately this is about welcoming and showing appreciation for our Smart Power customers. By working together and continuing our close collaboration, we can ensure increased value creation, efficiencies and profitability, both now and in the future.”