Volue Announces a Trio of New Partners to Enhance its Spark Ecosystem

Volue, a market leader in technologies and services that enable its customers to succeed in the energy transition, has announced an increase in its Spark partner ecosystem with three new members joining in June, 2023.

20. Juni 2023

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The Spark solution provides users across Europe and the Nordics with smart charging optimised for a week-long price forecast. It has been designed to enable automakers, EV fleets, and charging operators to provide their customers with even greater value, while helping them to remain competitive and profitable.

Enode, Gridio and Deftpower are the latest to become part of Volue’s Spark ecosystem. The partner collaboration continues to deliver a data-driven smart-charging solution. By leveraging long-term power price predictions, a key output from Spark, EV owners can now make informed decisions on when to charge their vehicles, saving on their power bill and contributing to a more sustainable energy ecosystem.

Enode’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system by connecting and optimising the world’s energy devices. Elsewhere, Gridio is one of the leading providers of smart charging in the Nordics, offering easy integration to most key car and solar inverter brands. Deftpower completes the trio. Deftpower provides a high-end platform that solves problems in EV charging, serving 100k drivers and offering innovative solutions for transaction handling and smarter charging.

By pairing real-time data with long-term forecasting, Volue’s Spark solution is helping to create real value for consumers, EV aggregators and distributors.

On the announcement, Kjetil Storset, Spark Lead, Volue said: “By leveraging our extensive expertise and cutting-edge solutions, we are committed to helping operators identify opportunities, create value and remain competitive, while simultaneously providing users with guidance on optimal charging locations and times.

“By establishing partnerships with industry leaders like Enode, Gridio and Deftpower, and collaborating closely, we are building a robust partner ecosystem dedicated to maximising the potential of smart charging services.”

The announcement follows independent research undertaken by Volue’s Senior Research Developer, Johannes Phillip Maree PhD, quantifying the benefits of forecasted charging plans for EVs. Results revealed that users adopting smart charging plans based on granular price data could increase their weekly energy savings by an average of 23,2% during this period.

Further information

The data was provided by Spark partners where EV users voluntarily shared access to their vehicles' data. This data included charging behaviour, location, and state of charge. The analysis focused on 14 users across three energy pricing areas in Norway: Oslo, Tromsø, and an intermediate location. Random segments of seven days were chosen for each user, considering the respective price areas. APIs used can be found here: https://docs.voluespark.com/

The experiment was run for 14 users; located over 3 different price regions (Norway); for a total of 206 experiments. It is assumed each user is 100% flexible and is using a L2 charger (7.4kW).

Flexibility here implies that the EV users accept charging times, as calculated by the smart charging algorithm (the latter consumes the price segmentation API of Spark). The minimum charging session lasts 1h and the energy imported from grid cannot exceed 7.4kWh.