Volue Provides N1 with Quality Migrations to ArcGIS Utility Network

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In 2023, Volue began work with Elnetselskabet N1 to enhance its ongoing digitalisation activity following a merger.  The scope of work saw the development of a consolidated, high quality data platform based upon the ArcGIS Utility Network (UN). Activity included migrating and unifying data and extending this with a series of Volue’s Software as a Service (SaaS) products.

N1 supplies more than 800,000 homes and businesses in Jutland with electricity every day. It takes care of maintaining, expanding and futureproofing the electricity network.

Understanding and meeting requirements

From the very beginning, our team understood that obtaining a high resulting data-quality in the consolidated ArcGIS UN would be key, with an awareness that this would form the foundation for automating DSO process support.

Now less than 9 months after the contract was signed, we have delivered the first migration from the two original sources.

For a grid holding 15 million features, and a considerable number of associations, we have presented a migration performed with Volue’s world-leading UN Migrator. Key successes of the activity include:

  • Our work allows tracing across voltage levels 
  • Activity unified data from the two vastly different sources obtaining similar data structure across the grid 
  • Limited need for data cleansing before or after migration
  • As little as 6,000 dirty areas, well below industry average for a first migration

Taking a partnership approach

We worked closely with N1 to share ideas and understand the complexities of UN. N1 also provided us with detailed information when requested.  However, after decades of working with electric utilities, Volue comes equipped with a deep understanding of processes, the requirements of existing data, and of ArcGIS UN migration. This allowed our team to do the migration with a minimum of effort from N1.

Torben Windfeld, Director, Data Management, N1, said: “The ongoing energy transition has created an environment where DSOs must now automate many tasks, not only now, but in the future. Because of this, ArcGIS Utility Network is foundational to N1 in the transition towards delivering data driven operations, directly automating our processes as a result.

“When working with Volue it was therefore crucial that they were able to deliver high data quality at the first attempt. These results show that they were successful in doing so. To deliver a successful project like this so soon after the start date has allowed us to pave the way towards optimising integral business processes at N1."

Jens Dalsgaard, Principal Product Owner, Power Grid, Volue, said: “Our work with N1 illustrates that for those embarking on the journey towards ArcGIS UN, Volue stands as an undisputed leader in delivering top-tier migrations, efficiently and with little margin of error.

“I have long argued that migrating to UN is a unique challenge that demands specialised expertise and sophisticated tools. We understand that data alignment, unification, and the pursuit of the highest data quality within UN are not mere checkboxes on a to-do list. They are the linchpin of an immediate value proposition and the gateway to reaping the full benefits of this transformative platform.

“We regularly see transitions taking place over several years across the industry, with significant scope and resources required from all stakeholders.  However, our work with N1 has seen us deliver results in less than a year, on an exceptionally complicated project, showing how important it is to team up with the right partner.”

Why Volue?

ArcGIS UN allows each DSO and each partner to invent their own implementation, and this is what you will get unless you pay close attention. Even if your organisation is equipped to steer the process in the right direction, you will likely end up with a different implementation than your neighbours.

There is little benefit derived from implementations that differ as it impedes your options for collaborating with other DSOs.

Volue takes a different approach. We deliver a streamlined, efficient, and very-high quality migration. We understand data management in a business-wide perspective. ArcGIS UN is one – crucial – part of the master data management landscape working across and supporting various systems within the DSO – supporting ERP, grid calculations, ADMS, customer – and connection management.

With pinpoint accuracy, we consolidate data from various sources during migration, establishing organised hierarchical frameworks and assigning meaningful names to each piece of equipment within substations, cabinets, and poles. However, our efforts extend beyond just data migration. We transform the data into a highly valuable asset, paving the way for a future driven by data in utility operations.

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