Empowering Power Traders: Insight by Volue Integrates Tradenergy® Events

In April 2024, Volue announced a strategic partnership with Reactive Technologies, offering Tradenergy® - an advanced solution to monitor the power system in real-time for short-term power traders, asset owners, and market analysts. At the end of June 2024, Insight by Volue has made Tradenergy® events available to its customers through our Urgent Market Messages (UMM) product.


Anamaria Toebe


27 juni 2024

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Advanced grid insights for traders

Tradenergy® leverages a distributed network of ultra-high-definition grid monitoring devices (XMUs) and cloud-based digital signal processing to provide unique location-based frequency and grid monitoring. With over 100 devices across 14 countries, Tradenergy® allows traders to react swiftly and ensures optimal power distribution. Within the UK, Reactive receives 173 million readings every 24 hours through its devices.

Initially, the product will be available for the UK market. Later this year the product will be extended to more areas.

Enhanced UMMs with Tradenergy integration

Insight by Volue has now integrated Tradenergy® events into its Urgent Market Messages (UMM) product. This integration marks a significant milestone, providing live notifications via the ticker on the Insight web interface. Traders can now promptly respond to real-time information, including details on the estimated size of the event, the top 5 probable generation units, interconnector name, probability scoring, and the initial event publication time.

Insight customers subscribing to the new service have direct access to the latest events from Tradenergy® concerning power stations and interconnector trips, along with their update history and the latest events available within the past 7 days.

Competitive edge through advanced monitoring

The integration of Tradenergy® into Insight by Volue’s web interface offers several competitive advantages for market participants:

  • Detects grid events, like power station or interconnector disruptions, up to fourteen minutes faster than REMIT publications.
  • Provides detailed event information including MW size, location, classification, and named probable sources for significant events.
  • Offers a significant market timing advantage for traders to seize profitable opportunities or avert potential losses in the energy market.

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