EP Commodities Increases Intraday Trading Profit With Volue Algo Trader Power


5 feb. 2024

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Volue, a leader in technologies and services that enable its customers to succeed in the energy transition, has successfully implemented its Volue Algo Trader Power (VATP) platform for EP Commodities. Having been users since June 2023, EP Commodities has been able to substantially increase its intraday trading profit.

They join over 70 companies from all over Europe, many of them being the largest asset marketers, that benefit from the services and solutions offered by Volue Energy Software. As a full SaaS service, the functional and technical development, maintenance, operation and advisory on creating sustained trading success are also essential components of the offering.

EP Commodities, which specialises in trading in energy commodities, is also using Volue Algo Trader Navigator. This decision-making trading platform is a tool to maximize values from renewable and flexible assets including batteries.

Roland Peetz, SVP of Volue Energy Software, said: “The success of our partnership with EP Commodities perfectly illustrates the positive impact of VATP and the power of applying great tools and processes in trading. I look forward to continuing supporting our customers to enhance their earning potential through innovative and productive fields of action in short-term power trading and asset marketing.” 

Michael Beienburg, Head of Short Term Trading at EP Commodities, said: “Volue’s Algo Trading Platform has provided a great boost for our trading performance, and we are very happy with the user friendly and highly reliable solution.” 

Volue Algo Trader Power

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