Insight by Volue, a leading provider of accurate and thorough fundamental and price forecasts for participants in the energy markets, today announces a partnership with Reactive Technologies.  

 As an innovative technology company, Reactive Technologies delivers the world’s most accurate power system measurement tools to streamline and accelerate the power sector’s transition to zero-carbon energy. It has commercial offices located in the UK, USA, UAE and Australia, with an R&D centre in Finland. 

 Insight by Volue provides all participants in the energy markets with the necessary decision-making support they need in terms of fundamental and price forecasts. Reactive will work with Insight by Volue to deliver a series of product enhancements, starting with the Urgent Market Messages (UMM) product integration. Insight by Volue will also now provide Reactive’s Tradenergy® solution to its customer base.   

Tradenergy offers advanced real-time data to monitor the power system, providing an invaluable edge in a dynamic market. It offers short-term power traders, asset owners and market analysts with advanced data to monitor the power system in real-time.  

Tradenergy utilises a distributed network of ultra-high-definition grid monitoring devices (XMUs), and cloud-based digital signal processing to provide unique location-based frequency and grid monitoring. Within the UK, Reactive receives 173 million readings every 24 hours via highly available devices. 

On the partnership, Arnt Sollie, Senior Vice President and Head of Insight by Volue, said: “As the green transition accelerates, enabling us to reach ambitious climate goals, the energy mix changes to a significant larger share of inverter-based production like PV and wind power. Hence making sure that there is a balance between production and demand will be even more challenging in the future. By partnering with Reactive Technologies, we are able to provide our customers with state-of-the-art market insight enabling traders to respond to needs and opportunities in the market.” 

Marc Borrett, CEO, Reactive Technologies, said: “We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Volue, marking an exciting milestone in our journey. By joining forces, we are poised to strengthen our presence in key markets and extend the reach of our unique real-time grid insights to Volue's esteemed customers. We look forward to working with Volue’s team and combining our expertise to provide unrivalled data insight services to energy trading customers.”  

The announcement follows Insight by Volue’s launch this year of the Volue Insight2Zero programme. The Insight2Zero initiative consists of several projects undertaken in 2024 to futureproof the Insight by Volue platform, with the goals of achieving improved forecast accuracy, more frequent forecasts, unleashing the power of AI, and implementing the capability for local area forecasts.