Insight by Volue’s Journey to AI: The New Wind Model

Insight by Volue is excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards revolutionising forecast modeling: the launch of our new AI-based wind model. This development is part of our ongoing commitment to deliver high-quality data and forecasts by leveraging the latest technology.


Minxian Le, Andreas Malmgård


24 juni 2024

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Our Insight2Zero development programme, launched earlier this year, aims to bring the Insight product portfolio into a new era of technological advancements by focusing on data quality, performance, automatisation and usability. The first outcome of our journey towards a futureproof insight platform is our new AI-based wind model, which is now live for all areas 

A hybrid wind model for improved accuracy 

Unlike our previous model, which focused on the physical relationship between wind speed and wind power, the new model is built on AI and machine learning techniques in addition to the old numerical techniques - making this a hybrid-model where we get the best from both worlds. Our analysis indicates an average overall accuracy enhancement of over 20% across all areas.  

A key feature of our new model is its automated daily retraining capability. This ensures the model stays current with the latest data inputs, providing more accurate and reliable forecasts. Additionally, by utilising a broader range of weather inputs covering entire countries, we've overcome previous limitations associated with static location-based forecasting. 

In today's rapidly evolving renewable energy landscape, where changes in geographical distribution can occur swiftly, our model excels. It adapts seamlessly to these changes, ensuring Insight by Volue customers receive accurate forecasts regardless of evolving conditions. 

Key highlights of the AI-based wind model 

Key highlights of our AI-based wind model include: 

  • Automated retraining: daily updates keep the model current and responsive to changing data. 
  • Expanded weather inputs: utilisation of comprehensive weather data improves forecast precision. 
  • Adaptability to changing geographical distribution: capable of adjusting to rapid shifts in the geographical distribution of renewable energy capacity within a country. 
  • Distinction between onshore and offshore wind: accurate modeling tailored for both onshore and offshore wind conditions. 
  • Significant accuracy enhancements: Average enhancement of 20% across all areas. 

Curious to learn more?

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Existing subscribers can find additional details in our
Product Updates blog post and Q&A about the new wind model.  

The new wind model has been automatically released to all customers without requiring a subscription extension. You can continue using the same time series for wind forecasts as before. 

Carsten Focke-Wenzel

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