Iqony Chooses Volue Solutions - Tackling Market Challenges Together

Established as a new subsidiary of the STEAG Group at the beginning of the year, Essen-based Iqony GmbH is driving the energy transition. The new company focuses on renewable energy and on bridging technologies that will also be able to be deployed climate-neutrally in the future. In addition to solar, wind and geothermal energy, its portfolio includes hydrogen, energy storage and energy software solutions.


4 juli 2023

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With over eighty years’ experience in the planning, construction and operation of energy facilities, Iqony also offers engineering services to help industry and municipalities decarbonize their processes. Optimal management of such a complex portfolio is key to remaining competitive in the market and meeting the market requirements in every area.

Our own IT system landscape for day-ahead and intraday trading

Processing speed and automation of the relevant day-ahead (DAH) and intraday (ID) business processes are key when marketing renewable portfolios. The acquisition of our own DAH and ID system landscape marks the first step towards ensuring that the company is as well equipped as possible for the renewable energy business. Today, automation across all processes, near real-time position management and electricity and gas “algotraders” are all indispensable elements of such a system landscape.

The ongoing rollout project is building the DAH and ID system landscape, while an overarching project is gradually decoupling our systems from the previous IT landscape of our parent company. Rather than replacing the existing systems at all costs, the aim is to integrate them with new components.

An initiative like this calls for project partners who, as well as being experts in their own systems, also have energy industry experience, maintain a constant overview of the overall DAH and ID processes and possess extensive trading, optimization and IT know-how in both the electricity and gas sectors.

The joint project comprises several phases that mark the individual milestones. Iqony professionals are using agile structures to work closely with the provider’s experts.

Software solutions working hand in hand

Following an extensive market analysis, the decision was taken to opt for Volue Germany GmbH’s Software-as-a-Service solution. The main products in this solution are DeltaXE (position and scheduling management for electricity and gas), the Volue redispatch service, BoFiT Data Hub for REMIT messages, Volue AlgoTrader (Power) incl. Navigator and Volue AlgoTrader (Gas).

According to Iqony’s technical and specialist project leaders, Lukas Gathmann and Mathias Liszka, “The fact that Volue’s solutions integrate closely with our ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) system and in-house systems was a key factor in our decision to go with them. It means we have fewer interface problems and the automated processes combine seamlessly”.

Iqony’s in-house systems complete the process in sub-steps across the entire value chain. The project is an outstanding example of how to successfully tackle the challenges associated with the energy transition.