Focusing on Volue's 'Boomerang Professionals'

In our latest article, we will delve into the minds of some of those who have recently returned to Volue.


4. mar. 2024

Trees in autumn at the bottom of a valley

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional development, the concept of ‘boomerang professionals’ has emerged as one of the latest trends reshaping traditional career paths.  

These individuals, who return to former employers after exploring new opportunities elsewhere, bring a unique set of benefits to organisations. From their seamless integration and reduced onboarding time to the infusion of fresh perspectives and external expertise, the value these returning talents offer is undeniable. 

In our latest article, we will delve into the minds of some of those who have recently returned to Volue.  

Take Minxian Le, Project Manager, Insight by Volue, who had this to say: “It is good to be working in the centre of the green transition again. It comes down to me being able to answer yes to the question; ‘Have I done something today that brings the world a little bit closer to how I would like it to be?’” 

Elsewhere, Ada Strand, Product Owner, Energy Planning Production Software, had this to say: “The people will always come first. It's always nice to see the friendly faces of my colleagues at the office, when travelling to visit other offices, and on Teams. People have been welcoming in all the locations I have visited, and I have made friends I will keep, even if some of us should be silly enough to leave Volue!  

“I also missed the work itself as I feel that what we do is meaningful and is important to our customers. We work together as a team to deliver critical systems to our customers, so it is important that we care. It helps that the work is interesting and that the energy domain is exciting with a lot of action!” 

Mats Zachariassen, a Solution Sales Expert, said that he missed the people and that he was looking forward to driving increasing growth together with what he referred to as “the talented people working in Insight.” 

Finally, Kim Bjerkevoll, Head of Development, Spark by Volue, said: “In the process of starting a company, numerous activities demand attention. Volue provides significant support from various teams - the people team for recruitment, the platform team for DevOps and runtime environment setup, the security team, the operational team, and many more.  

“This support allows us to focus on our primary deliveries, providing us with spare time. With more spare time and colleagues pushing me to join in with sporting activities, I can finally prioritise this as well!” 

Of course, this is just an overview of some of the individuals who have returned to Volue in recent months. Do you have the skills and expertise to help us deliver software and services critical to society for a cleaner, better, and more profitable future? If so, we want to hear from you. 

Volue's market-leading products optimise energy production, trading, distribution and consumption, as well as infrastructure and construction projects. Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, we have several positions currently available. 

And we promise you don’t need to have worked here before to apply!