Harnessing Wind Power Requires 24/7 Awareness

Wind energy producers in the Nordic region are navigating a complex landscape of EU and national regulations that significantly impact the development and operation of wind farms. A 24/7 approach is needed to secure both operations and profits.


12 apr. 2024


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The European Union has set ambitious goals for the transition to renewable energy, requiring quick adaptation and swift project deployment. However, stringent requirements for regulatory compliance are just one of the issues facing operators. Having trustworthy partners on the operations side can alleviate some issues.  

Heavy demands on the producer 

This requires producers to develop sophisticated operational setups for. infrastructure, power system and all existing market possibilities. Therefore, producers should look for a capable 24/7 partner that provides a large scale of experience and knowledge, supporting the operations to obtain the best possible results.  

Enter Volue Energy Market Services. In a purpose-built control room in Borgå, Finland, 15 employees make sure their Nordic clients have a fully manned monitoring service, running every hour of every day of the week.  

Teuvo Jouhten is the Head of 24/7 services at Volue, and together with colleague Marko Taipale make use of their more than 25 years each in energy business.  

“Unlike many of our competitors who might rely on a single operator, Volue’s control room is staffed by two specialists at all times. This dual-operator model ensures continuous, comprehensive monitoring, with one person focusing on the economic aspects and the other dedicated to technical oversight. This setup guarantees that all angles are covered, enhancing our decision-making capabilities and operational reliability”, explains Teuvo Jouhten.  

 Multiple redundancies 

“We've built redundancy into every aspect of our operation, particularly in our communication systems. With multiple communication and backup systems, we ensure that our control room remains operational and fully connected, even in the most challenging circumstances. This commitment to redundancy not only complies with stringent European Union regulations but also provides our clients with the assurance that their energy assets are continuously monitored and managed, regardless of external conditions”, says Teuvo Jouhten. 

Our control room operates on 12-hour shifts, supported by a team large enough to afford flexibility and resilience. This operational design ensures that we can maintain continuous coverage, even in the face of unexpected absences or increased demand, providing our clients with a dependable service they can count on

Marko TaipaleHead of 24/7 Operations

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“Our operators are highly specialised, with distinct responsibilities that allow us to address both the minute technical details and the broader economic implications of energy management. This level of expertise ensures that we can optimise operations for efficiency and profitability, leveraging our deep understanding of the energy markets and technical operations”, he continues. 

One important part of success in this business is data handling, calculations and reporting. For that purpose, Volue has its own EMS system. Wind farm customers benefit in many ways from this and Volue can provide customer also an interface for system for customers reporting needs. 

Monitoring Services from Volue

  • Control and monitoring of power plants; wind, hydro, solar and batteries
  • Enables continuous optimisation intraday, curtailment, regulations and capacity market participation
  • Monitoring of substations, 20 - 400 kV electricity network and planning and management of operational interruptions
  • Monitoring of communication connections, data transmission and informations systems, as well as fault transmission
  • Real-time monitoring and management of electricity and natural gas balances and trading on exchanges
  • ESA services (electrical sercurity responsibility for sites)

Strength in depth 

Beyond the immediate control room operations, there is a broad team of specialists who provide additional support, offering a wealth of experience and expertise to solve complex issues. This depth of knowledge, with team members who have decades of experience in the field, allows Volue to address challenges effectively and innovate in their service delivery. 

Our control room's effectiveness is backed by a long-standing history of energy production and -markets. Our team's extensive experience not only enables us to navigate current challenges but also to anticipate future trends and adapt our strategies, accordingly, ensuring our clients are always positioned for success in the dynamic energy markets

Teuvo JouhtenHead of 24/7 Operations

If your business requires reliable energy management solutions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our control room services offer tailored solutions to optimise your wind farm operations. With our trusted expertise and commitment to reliability, we are here to support your energy needs. Reach out today to explore how we can help streamline your energy market operations.

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