Energy Market Services

Are you an operator in the renewable or conventional energy sector and looking to outsource production planning and optimisation, trading, and related operational processes? Leverage Volue's expertise to optimise your assets in the dynamic energy market. Make informed decisions with our state-of-the-art optimisation and trading software, used by industry leaders. Navigate market volatility, mitigate risks, and secure the best prices with our tailored services. 

Our Services

Asset Optimisation as a Service

Our solutions let you efficiently manage the assets capabilities to capitalise on the revenue potential on the flexibility markets.

Energy Trading as a Service

Unlock market opportunities with our cutting-edge algorithmic trading software.

24/7 Asset Monitoring

Utilise our advanced SCADA and IoT technologies to monitor your energy assets around the clock.


Benefit from our knowledge and expertise to optimise power generation and procurement portfolios in the short-term Nordic and European markets. We advise on new business opportunities, market outlook, expansion to new markets, and more.

Complete Asset Portfolio Management

Leverage our full suite of services for streamlined operations and maximised returns.

Solutions for wind park operators

We help navigate your challenges by offering a comprensive suite of services tailored to the needs of wind park operators.

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Leveraging decades of industry expertise

Founded in 2020, Volue Energy Market Services is rooted in over 50 years of experience from industry pioneers like Markedskraft (since 1992), Powel (since 1996), and Likron (since 2010). With the 2023 acquisition of Enerim's wholesale business line, we offer an expanded suite of services to navigate the renewable energy transition seamlessly.

Your strategic partner in the energy markets

Volue is not just another energy market services provider; we are your strategic ally. With the capabilities powered by our analytics and data, algorithms and automation, we enable you to make proactive adjustments to your energy strategy. Seize opportunities ahead of your competitors and navigate market complexities with ease.
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Trust and transparency in energy asset management

As your fully independent energy advisor, we prioritise your needs, free from any third-party interests. Our transparent energy services ensure that each decision we make aligns with your unique energy objectives, bolstering your confidence in energy market participation.

Do you want to know more about our energy market services?

If you aim to optimise your energy assets through data-driven strategies, advanced technological solutions, and 24/7 expert support, Volue is your perfect partner. Reach out today to explore untapped potentials for growth and efficiency in the Nordic energy markets.
Richard Schytte, Chief Commercial Officer

Richard Schytte, Chief Commercial Officer