Gemini Terrain: Construction Software That Facilitates Growth

When Stockholm-based construction company Schaktmiljö needed complex calculations for its complex projects, it turned to Volue’s Gemini Terrain construction software. Here’s why.


Growth is a familiar state of mind for Stockholm-based construction company Schaktmiljö. The company has grown significantly, both in terms of revenue and the number of employees. This allows the company to bid on larger contracts.

“Gemini Terrain enables us to calculate more tenders with a higher degree of precision, thus increasing competitiveness and facilitating growth,” says Mikael Linder, Calculation Manager at Schaktmiljö.

For Schaktmiljö, what used to be simpler projects and calculations has been replaced with complex projects and calculations.

“The acquisition of modern software was the natural step in this transition. In came Gemini Terrain,” explains Linder.

Already 30 years on the market, Gemini Terrain is the modern way of working in infrastructure projects throughout Scandinavia.

Gemini Terrain has been developed in close collaboration with the construction industry and has contributed to defining industry standards. The software is used for mass calculation, documentation, engineering and planning mainly of projects within road, underground, excavation and water and sewage.

“There are several advantages to Gemini Terrain. First of all, we rarely receive dwg-files in tenders. Thus, having the ability to use traditional pdf-files in Gemini Terrain is just terrific. Furthermore, the programme gives me an instant overview and understanding of whether the calculations are correct, as I build and view all layers on screen. I can easily share projects with my colleagues.”

On-site use of Gemini Terrain also has many advantages.

“The basis for our calculations, in particular geotechnical surveys, seldom match reality. Gemini Terrain helps us visualise for our customers the difference between tender documents and the real world. Based on documented measurements it is easy to produce and present the quantities that we will be paid for,” says Linder.

Schaktmiljö has chosen to use two modules of Gemini Terrain to enable more advanced functions for excavation and pointcloud management.

“The process of creating models of bedrock and terrain based on information in tenders, and then comparing them against our excavation plan, is really fast and easy. As part of the result, I can see quantities for bedrock above and below one meter and easily calculate quantities for sheet piling and deep foundation, which used to be challenging in the past.”

For many tenders, we lack information on existing terrain. Back in the day, this caused a lot of uncertainty. Now we can use pointcloud scans from our drones, import them to Gemini Terrain, and greatly improve the quality of our calculations. After I am done with my calculations it is really convenient to export the results to comprehensive reports with a single click on the mouse,” says Linder.

Going forward, he will continue to use Gemini Terrain.

“It is hard to see a future without Gemini Terrain unless I should quit my current job and return to operating an excavator,” Mikael Linder smiles.