Mastering Profits and Risks for Wind Farm Operators

Rapid growth has produced its own set of challenges for the wind power industry in the Nordics. Volue Energy Market Services supports the industry by addressing challenges in risk mitigation and profit optimisation.


25. mar. 2024


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The opportunities that lie in the Nordic wind power market has in recent years attracted major investments. However, the times when a power purchase agreement (PPA) was enough to secure the investments made in building a wind farm are gone.  

Nordic wind park operators are well-acquainted with the challenge of market volatility. Fluctuating energy prices and unpredictable wind patterns can significantly impact their operations and profitability. On days with excess wind, the market might experience a surplus, driving prices down. Conversely, insufficient wind can lead to missed opportunities during peak demand periods.  

For wind power actors, key challenges also include navigating complex regulatory frameworks, managing intermittent energy production and grid integration challenges, and adapting to fluctuating market prices and environmental concerns, all while striving for financial viability and sustainability goals. 

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These challenges are crucial pain points for the further development of this industry, which has seen a rise in demand for strategic partners to help leverage opportunities and potential risks.   

Unlocking new market opportunities 

Bård Mageli and Pekka Pietilä from Volue Energy Market Services point to Energy Trading as a Service as a comprehensive solution that addresses these challenges head on. By combining advanced technology and expert insights, Volue offers strategies that empower wind energy producers to effectively navigate market volatilities.  

“A key element is making the most of all potential income streams. We offer access to marketplaces, unlocking new market opportunities by combining technology and experienced traders.”

Bård Mageli

Head of Trading Services

Volue's Energy Trading as a Service combines advanced predictive analytics, unparalleled customer service, and deep market expertise to provide customers with a comprehensive energy trading platform that is both responsive and reliable. 

A fully manned trading desk, collocated with a control room that manages both a 24/7 monitoring service, and an optimisation desk, allows Volue to help clients at any point during the day.  

"The real challenge for many of our customers, is that their operations don’t allow for having a full setup with traders in-house. This means having active participation in both regulatory markets, where government policies and regulations are navigated to ensure compliance and stability, and balancing markets, where real-time adjustments are needed to match electricity supply and demand on the grid is demanding”, explains Bård Mageli. “We help our customers play a more proactive role in the energy markets by optimising their operations and capitalising on every market opportunity.” 

Approaching challenges from several angles 

Bård Mageli and Pekka Pietilä work on different sides of these challenges, and combining their teams’ experience and knowledge allows for stronger upsides for the customers.  

By offering energy trading services combined with asset monitoring and optimisation capabilities, which are instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and profitability of wind energy operations, Volue Energy Market Services gives wind farm operators access to "real-time energy portfolio balance," enabling proactive adjustments to trading strategies based on market conditions. 

The economic benefits are underscored by the ability to participate in new markets and utilise integrated solutions for load balancing and demand response, significantly optimising revenue streams. Advanced technology, such as machine learning for predictive analytics, empowers operators to anticipate market trends and adjust their operations accordingly. This support system not only streamlines the energy trading process but also amplifies market opportunities, ensuring wind park operators are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the energy sector. 

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Pekka Pietilä, Head of Service Operations at Volue, emphasises the shifting paradigms within energy trading, notably the surge in renewable energy integration and the consequent market volatility. Pietilä notes, "As we witness a significant transformation in the electricity market, with renewables at the forefront, the need for sophisticated trading solutions has never been more critical."  

Pietilä highlights, "Our service-based solutions, strictly on behalf of our customers, deliver forecasting, trading, and settlement reporting services using our in-house developed systems." 

15% uplift in revenues  

The transparent solution offered leaves the customers with no doubt their interests being served.  

“We achieve success only by having satisfied customers who want to continue using our services”, says Bård Mageli.  

Recognising the alignment of Volue's energy market services with industry needs in a highly volatile and competitive market, naturally leads us to concrete examples of its success.  

“Volue has empowered numerous Nordic wind park operators, enhancing their operations as well as profitability. One success story involves a Nordic wind farm that by leveraging our predictive analytics and market insights increased its revenues by 15% while significantly reducing operational costs.”

Pekka Pietilä

Head of Service Operations

In a market where optimal production and additional revenue streams become pivotal, Volue Energy Market Services emerges as a key ally for wind power producers. With our tailored solutions that cater to the unique challenges of the industry, we empower operators to maximise revenues and enhance operational efficiency.

If you're looking to navigate this complex landscape with confidence, contact us today. Let's discuss how we can support your goals with effective trading strategies and optimised wind farm operations​​. 

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