Our Promise to Each Other and to Our Customers and Partners

Kristin Wikstrøm, Volue's Head of People, Learning & Culture, explains how the Volue values of being trustworthy explorers working together for a sustainable tomorrow guide the team and create a shared sense of purpose.

Group photo of Volue employees

In 2020, Volue was created to fast track the green transition, founded by four of the most experienced and innovative technology companies in the industry: Powel, Markedskraft, Scanmatic and Wattsight. Later, Volue has grown further through the acquisitions of the German companies Likron and ProCom and most recently the wholesale division of Finnish Enerim. 

Our values are guiding stars for all aspects of work life in Volue. They are becoming part of our DNA and help us prioritise and focus on the right things going forward. They help us make good decisions, and are a signal for existing and future customers of what to expect when cooperating with us. They simply describe who we are and what we stand for, both internally and externally.

What are the Volue values all about? Let’s find out.


Being trustworthy is a very important value for us, as we deliver services critical to society. We are trustworthy to each other and to the outside world. Our customers are safe with us because we go the extra mile. And here, I mean customers in a broad sense. A customer is everyone we are delivering something to. For me, as working in the Volue People Team, my customers are inside the organisation. It’s all the leaders and the employees in the company.

Kristin Wikstrøm says that being trustworthy is also about taking responsibility.

“At Volue, we aim for everyone taking responsibility for the total. If we see that something is not working so well, we openly address it to the person in charge. Volue has great ambitions, and to get there, each individual needs to take responsibility. We like to say: ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me’.”

Kristin Wikstrøm

"Volue has great ambitions, and to get there, each individual needs to take responsibility. We like to say: ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me’."

Kristin Wikstrøm

Head of People, Learning & Culture


“This value is about reaching new heights. The green transition needs explorers and requires new thinking. We are curious, we dare to ask questions, and to think fresh. We are a team that sees the possibilities rather than the limitations.”

Recently, when Volue worked on power production optimisation for the leading international energy company Uniper, the team had to devise a novel decomposition algorithm in order to solve a performance challenge.

“The solution is now part of Volue’s optimisation software. This is an illustration of our growth mindset. We learn from what we do. Instead of just moving forward at a fast pace, we evaluate and reflect on how it went. And together we seek new ways of doing things. We want to be at the forefront and lead the change in our industry, and by doing this we enable the world to move forward. We dare to be the explorers that go where no one else has gone before.”


“We win, fail and celebrate successes together. We work as one team to help our customers succeed,” says Kristin Wikstrøm.

She adds that as a company working towards diversity in the technology industry, ​​Volue welcomes diversity and sees it as a strength. Diverse thinking and people of different backgrounds are key for Volue.

“We also have so much competence at Volue, so much knowledge. By sharing this across teams and functions, we reach higher. Personally, I work much better when I work with people. I get the best ideas when I talk to people. And I am not alone in this.”

She adds that in any organisation if you don’t break the silos, you won’t reach your full potential.


“Sustainability is a value we are all very proud of. We work together for a better and more sustainable tomorrow, and this is rooted in our very purpose. As an organisation, we not only opt for sustainable alternatives, we also aim to enable our customers to become greener. With our help, our customers are able to make the most value out of scarce resources, and our vision is to be at the forefront when it comes to driving the green transition.”

Kristin Wikstrøm says that the Volue values guide the team and create a shared sense of purpose.

“I believe that our values give another aspect to the work we do. They make working at Volue more meaningful. We are a purpose-driven company, and we are on the lookout for other ambitious change-makers who aim to create technology for a sustainable tomorrow.”

Come join us!

Do our values resonate with you? We are looking for new team members who want to help realise our mission of developing technology for a sustainable tomorrow.
Marcus Davidsson & Caroline Otterstad of Volue