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The future demands cleaner, better and more sustainable solutions. Read more about how we empower the green transition and why sustainability is at the core of our very existence.

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Sustainable development goals

As a company, we are passionately committed to working systematically towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Our key goals are selected based on the industries in which we operate and the products we produce, develop and deliver.

Volue Sustainable development goals

Our key goals

Affordable and clean energy

Our expertise within energy production, optimisation, trading and distribution allows energy companies to get the most out of their resources. This plays an important role in enabling an energy future with a greener, yet more volatile energy mix.

Sustainable cities and communities

We take part in several innovation projects on smart communities and enhanced use of renewable resources locally, which fuel electrification and renewable energy consumption and reduce the need for new grid investments.

Clean water and sanitation

We offer system documentation of water infrastructure, detection of leakages and renewal planning. Combined with our competences within instrumentation and automation, this helps to ensure that water and wastewater are transported safely and prevents flooding and waste.

Ethics and compliance

In order to maintain and develop our ethical business conduct, and to ensure a holistic workflow across the organisation, we have committed to update and distribute a Code of Conduct to all employees. Furthermore, we shall improve our reporting on ESG measures and impact, and map external networks to see if there are other areas where Volue should take part.
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A great place to work

We strive to maintain and develop a work environment that facilitates personal growth, rewards initiatives and where people, from staff to client, are at the centre of all operations. We applaud diversity, unique skillsets and new perspectives. In our ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) strategy we have committed to implement diversity initiatives across the group focusing on recruiting, retaining and developing women and non-Nordic employees. We are also committed to facilitating leadership training for top and middle management.

Minimising our environmental impact

Minimising our own environmental impact is a vital part of our daily operations. In our ESG strategy, we have committed to an annual report on environmental impact from operations with measures being implemented. We shall develop company-wide environmental and travelling policies, facilitate environmental friendly behaviour among employees in the office, and actively seek advice from employees on new measures to be taken.

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Enabling reduced emissions and resource efficiency

Implementing sustainability is an essential part of the Volue brand internally and externally. Therefore we shall actively seek business and innovation opportunities in line with the UN's sustainability goals, and document sustainability impact of Volue's innovation investment and business cases. We shall also establish case examples on Volue's impact on sustainability factors such as reduced GHG emissions, increased share of renewable energy and resource efficiency.

Reliable products and services

In our ESG strategy, we have committed to implement common quality management systems across the group. We shall also maintain current quality certifications for parts of the business and prepare for further certification of larger parts of the company. Volue has a management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.
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Volue's ESG Report 2023

In Volue, we are continuously striving for a sustainable world balancing the use of our common resources.

Click here to read our 2023 ESG report.

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Sergio Renteria, Head of Quality & Sustainability