Stockholm’s New Bus Terminal Takes Shape With Volue Construction Software

In the Swedish capital Stockholm, construction company Implenia is utilising Volue’s Gemini Terrain software to build a new bus terminal as part of the large national infrastructure project Slussen.

A man in a hardhat on construction site

The bedrock at Katarinaberget in Slussen Stockholm, the home of the new bus terminal, is like swiss cheese filled with sensitive infrastructure.

This makes Implenia’s task – to build a massive bus depot with waiting halls and interconnecting roads, including drilling and blasting of tunnels, various groundworks, and concrete works – genuinely challenging.

”Due to the complexity of the bus terminal project, we searched for an alternative to our established software programmes. I remembered using Gemini Terrain while working on a project in Norway, where I appreciated the extended functionality it provided,” says Implenia’s Jens Kiener.

Stockholm construction site
Projects of this complexity depend on being handled as seamlessly as possible between offices, tunnel machinery and equipment in the field.

Jens Kiener Implenia

According to Kiener, visualisations, file format support and tunnel functionality embedded in the software provide more efficient work processes.

”Simply put, in a project with so much existing infrastructure, we managed to gain control over the project.”

“There were several reasons why we decided on Gemini Terrain. Above all, it is the overall view of the project. The software allows us to import various types of information, file types, and visualise how they relate to each other. For example, it is very easy to compare machine control models and tunnel files with the originals provided by the client,” explains Kiener.

Projects of this complexity depend on being handled as seamlessly as possible between offices, tunnel machinery and equipment in the field.

“The export of tunnel files from Gemini Terrain directly to other applications, and the import of drill rig logs directly to Gemini Terrain, are two great features. Another neat feature is the way the dwg-export works, which allows me to export all the data that is shown on my screen, enabling easier communication with colleagues and clients,” says Kiener.

construction site at stockholm

Consultant for Implenia on the bus terminal project, Geometer Mätningsteknik, also used Gemini Terrain, which has facilitated the collaboration process.

“We have been able to effectively create and compare terrain models, calculate volumes and present our work in a very efficient manner,” says Milos Ilic at Geometer Mätningsteknik.

Based on the experience from the bus terminal project at Slussen Stockholm, Implenia knows exactly what to do on their next project.

“We will continue to use Gemini Terrain as one of our tools on future projects,” Jens Kiener concludes.