Volue, Moba Sweden and SkyMap Partner To Digitalise Construction and Civil Engineering

The collaboration is seen as a step towards transforming how the construction and civil engineering industries function.

Moba Sweden

Volue, Moba Sweden and SkyMap Innovations will drive digitalisation in the construction and civil engineering industries. The collaboration will enable smart control of construction projects.

Within their specific areas of activity, the three companies will deliver integrated solutions for increased control during the construction process.

“With this collaboration, we will deliver connected services that cover the entire construction process. This will provide new opportunities for contractors, project owners and clients,” says Joakim Jansson, Sales Manager, Volue Infrastructure, Sweden.

The collaboration is based on an integration of software and products that allow streamlining of data management from design through to execution via a seamless connection between office and workplace.

From direct integration and efficient access to real-time information, entrepreneurs can increase productivity, and improve the security and data quality of their projects.

The integration allows data to flow smoothly between the SkyMap Portal, Gemini Terrain and Xsite Manage through collection, design, review and customization. The design of the projects can be clearly visualized and coordinated. It offers opportunities to analyse, quantify and calculate costs.

Measurement data or drone data become the basis for models that are transferred to the machine control systems and can document the work during the process, which can be automatically synced to the office. This results in proven higher quality and lower costs.

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“We at Moba Sweden see great opportunities with collaborations that increase the value for our customers and advance the development of the construction process of the future. Data management is part of becoming more efficient and of creating better data and documentation for our customers. Having an understanding of their projects and how they are carried out is a hugely important part of becoming more profitable. We want to collaborate with the sharpest companies in the market and the expertise SkyMap Innovations and Volue have together completed the supply chain,” says Patrik Wallgren, CEO of Moba Sweden.

“At present, there are no others on the market that have succeeded in achieving this type of integration – an integration where all parties strive to create benefit and simplicity. By being first out, we also show that locking in customers in your own ecosystem is not forward-thinking. That was previously the goal of all suppliers,” says Jon Bengtsson, Founder and CEO of SkyMap Innovations.