Energy Market Data & Forecasts

Insight by Volue provides accurate and thorough fundamental and price forecasts for participants in the energy markets. Whether you're looking at intraday, day ahead, or more long term, we have products that suit your needs with our Pan-European models. 

Short-term market analysis

Short Term Price & Fundamental Forecasts

Get a complete overview of your price area of interest and the potential impact of adjoining power markets.

Intraday Fundamentals and UMMs

The Short-Term Power Forecast and analysis gives you a complete market overview that helps you optimise your continuous trading operations in the balancing market, intraday and Spot market.

European Gas Market Insights

Our new Gas Market Insights provides a broad coverage of European gas fundamentals and prices, including forecasts.

Mid-term market analysis

Futures and Forward Markets Analysis

Frequently and automatically updated outlooks of Fundamental Futures and Forward Markets - five years ahead in Europe and three years ahead in Japan. Gain insights into market dynamics, leverage comprehensive data, and make informed decisions.

Technical Analysis

Providing detailed Technical Analysis to facilitate practical decision making insights and seamless integration with risk management, it gives you an edge in navigating Continental-European and Nordic power markets.

Hourly Price Forward Curves

The Hourly Price Forward Curves (HPFC) is an essential tool for pricing load profiles in power trading and sales. Covering a timeline from day-ahead to 5 years ahead, our analytical service spans across 19 price areas, offering a synthetic hourly distribution of EEX and NordPool futures.

Long-term power forecasts

Long Term Market Analysis

Quarterly updated Long Term Power outlooks, covering up to 2050.

Capture Price Analysis

We have developed the analysis package for solar and wind investors, power purchase agreement (PPA) counterparties, originators, marketers, and banks that finance renewables.