Energy Trading Software

As a trailblazer in automated short-term energy trading of power and gas, we develop innovative algo-trading solutions and quantitative trading strategies for spot markets to enhance your business performance. We combine market intelligence with information technology, and years' of energy trading experience with solid capital market expertise.

Market Participation

Volue Algo Trader Power: Intraday Trading

Unleash your earning potential by automating your continuous spot power trading.

Volue Algo Trader Gas: Gas Trading

Fully and reliable automated spot trading in the gas markets.

Volue Navigator: Trading Autopilot

Decision-making trading platform that combines external market data and price forecasts with internal asset-relevant information.

Volue Flex: Asset Optimisation & Intraday Trading

Volue Flex is a proven, integrated and scalable software solution for asset optimisation and intraday trading of flexibility.

Volue Ancitra: Balancing Market Bidding

Unlock the value of flexibility in your assets with Volue Ancitra - an automated bidding support tool for reserve auctions and activation markets in Europe.

Volue Day-Ahead: Day-Ahead Bidding

Volue Day-Ahead supports and automates the bidding process for participation in the NordPool day-ahead market.

Market Communication

DeltaXE: Trade Logistics and Scheduling

DeltaXE is a trade and logistics solution for the European power and gas markets that serves as a real-time position management solution capturing all trades and positions across all markets.

Thedora Redispatch Services: German RD 2.0

The Thedora Redispatch Service supports Resource Providers (EIV) and Suppliers (LF) within the communication process of Redispatch 2.0.