An Afternoon with Volue in Düsseldorf

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Volue invites for an afternoon of energy insights and the opportunity to meet old and new acquaintances in the industry.

Get up to speed with the latest power market developments ahead of winter and the opportunities that arise from regulatory changes in the balancing markets.

The compact agenda is packed with topics you need to stay on top of the market - to the point and actionable.

We start with a continental power market update and dive into the fuels market with a special focus on gas. We will so examine the new pan-European FRR trading platforms and look at the opportunities the EU harmonization in the balancing market brings. We round off with a presentation of how we will build the self-trading power plant and a long-term price outlook for Central Europe.


12:30 PM

Registration and lunch

13:00 PM

Welcome and introduction

13:15 PM

Continental Power Market Update

An expert market view on developments and an outlook for the rest of the winter/ cal.

13:45 PM

Fuels Shiver Ahead of Winter

We look at the fuel market status on the doorstep to winter, focusing on the gas market.

14:15 PM


14:30 PM

Pan European FRR Trading

We give an outlook on the introduction of TERRE, MARI and PICASSO and their algorithms.

14:50 PM

Trading in Balancing Markets

We demonstrate how Volue's SaaS platform makes flexibility marketing and trading simpler and more profitable.

15:40 PM


16:00 PM

The Self-trading Power Plant

Increasing liquidity and volatility and the need for smart strategies and tools.

16:50 PM


17:00 PM

Central European Long-term Outlook

An expert market view on long-term market developments after this year's election.

17:25 PM


17:30 PM

Drinks and refreshments

19:00 PM


at Kö59


Silvia Messa

Senior Market Analyst, Volue

Bjørn Inge Vik

Senior Market Analyst, Volue

Eivind Graversen

Product Manager Energy Software, Volue

Dr. Blazej Radomski

Senior Quantitative Analyst, Volue

Dr. Roland Peetz

Managing Director, Likron

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Lenz

Senior Market Analyst & Business Developer, Volue

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