Volue Energy Days 2024

Volue Energy Days 2024

Grand Hotel Oslo, Norway


Grand Hotel Oslo, Karl Johans gate 31, 0159 Oslo


Starts 24 September

At 11.00 (CET)

Ends 25 September

At 13.00 (CET)




NOK 7.500 (incl. lunch, dinner & beverage)

Welcome to Volue Energy Days 2024 

We’re pleased to invite you to this year's Volue Energy Days, which will take place in Oslo, Norway.

This year’s event, which will be held on 24 and 25 September, will focus on the challenges and ever-changing requirements faced by power producers. We will outline and explore how Volue`s software and energy market data solutions support power production planning and trading, providing solutions to these challenges.

Volue Energy Days is where industry and technology professionals meet to share experiences, learn from peers, and discuss how digital tools can contribute to making time-efficient and optimal choices in an increasingly demanding and volatile power market.

Attendees from across the Nordics and Europe will gain insights into how the industry is harnessing the evolving role of technology, supported by industry examples and use-cases. We'll also have a look at Volue's product roadmap with a focus on our Smart Power generation planning and optimisation software suite, and additional solutions related to trading in the day-ahead, intraday and reserve markets. 

Join us to explore the industry challenges and cutting-edge digital solutions that are shaping the future of our dynamic market landscape!

We will dive into five sections

The potential for value-creation in a multi-market environment

Coordinating bidding and trading decisions across day-ahead and the more short-term markets have the potential to boost profits. If done right. But what does it take? In this session we will present how Volue’s solutions and forecasts can help making better decisions and increase profits in a multi-market environment. We will also discuss the needs of the future.

Adapting to changes in 15-minute power markets

Where are we now and what lies ahead? This session is dedicated to the challenges and opportunities that arise when power markets' move from hourly to quarterly resolution. You will hear from industry experts about the experiences so far and we will present Volue’s plans to accommodate the changes that lies ahead of us.

AI in power market operations

Can AI empower your business in the highly competitive power markets? In this session we will explore how AI potentially can improve market operations and increase profits by making smarter and faster decisions than ever before.

Data management - APIs and event-based automation

We will explore how APIs with direct access to well-structured data can enable analytics, solution integrations and customised use cases. Users will show-case experiences from taking Volue Automation Framework into use to move to event-based automation, and we will look at the possibilities ahead.

Security in critical infrastructure

Security session with experiences from security vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure and its consequences. We put focus on how market participants and vendors have to adapt to safeguard operations and society. 

Practical information
24-25 September. Starting off with lunch on 24 September at 11:00. Ending with lunch on 25 September at 12:00.
Where: Grand Hotel Oslo, Norway
Price: 7,500 NOK excl.VAT. (Lunch, Dinner, Beverage included in conference fee)
There are many hotels in Oslo city centre, but for those who want to stay at Grand Hotel, we have reserved rooms which are available as long as there are availability at the hotel. When booking, please use this booking code: PROMO2250. The code is valid for the dates 23 September to 26 September and gives a room rate of NOK 2,250 per night in standard rooms.
Book a room at Grand Hotel here: www.grand.no - BOOK ROOM - Choose Grand Hotel Oslo by Scandic and the wished dates. Remember to use the booking code. 

    Cancellation: Registration is binding. In case of no-show or cancellation after 2nd September, the participation fee will not be refunded. A registered participant can be replaced by another participant. Report changes as soon as you are aware of them. No refunds are given for single meals that are not used.

    We look forward to seeing you in Oslo in September.