How to Optimise a Mixed Power Generation Portfolio for Short-Term Trading

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In this webinar we will demonstrate how to add value to your portfolio through power generation planning & optimisation software.

Are you a power producer with a flexible portfolio (thermal, hydro) or a portfolio of mixed renewable assets? Are you looking for ways to maximise revenue and reduce costs?

Our experience in the European power market, working with 8 of the 10 largest utilities, has taught us that power producers need support with power generation planning & optimisation.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Ways to maximise profit from flexible power plants across multiple markets.

  • How to fully use the flexibility of your assets and push them to the limit while still respecting physicality.

  • Why automation of the short-term power generation and trading process is key to success.

  • How to reduce imbalances.

  • The importance of easy to understand results for achieving internal and regulatory transparency.

  • Ways to minimize penalties and fees due to errors in data and processes.

  • Pros and cons of standard software vs. tailor-made inhouse systems.

  • How power producers, power plant dispatchers and energy traders benefit from Volue’s power generation planning & optimisation software.

About Volue’s power generation planning & optimisation software

With a large customer base across Europe, Volue is ahead of the game when it comes to power generation planning & optimisation software.

We support power producers in their quest to optimise energy production, trading, distribution, and consumption.


10:00 AM

Welcome and introduction

Christian Skar

10:05 AM

Presentation of optimisation of mixed power generation portfolio

Marco Boninella

10:25 AM



Christian Skar

Product Manager at Volue and Adjunct Associate Professor at NTNU

Marco Boninella

Product Specialist at Volue Energy
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