Increase the value of your flexibility in the balancing market with Ancitra

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Welcome to an introduction of Volue Ancitra - the automated bidding support software for participation in balancing markets (MARI/PICASSO).

With Volue Ancitra, you are able to maximise the value of your flexible assets, get a unique overview of your flexibilities, obligations and limits, and efficiently bid available flexibility in the different balancing markets. Ancitra is a cloud-based solution, and can be used either stand-alone or integrated with any production planning or optimisation solution.

In this webinar, we will present how Ancitra supports the Nordic Balancing Model and TSO:s implementation roadmap. We will demo Ancitra in daily operation - how to allocate bids in capacity and energy markets; to send bids to TSO and process the activation.

The webinar is relevant to Balancing Service Providers who would like to monetise the value of their flexibility through participation in the balancing market capacity auctions and the balancing energy activation market.

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This webinar will also be held on 17 March. Register here


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