Long-term energy forecasting – the cornerstone of good investment

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This webinar will demonstrate how robust long-term forecasting can support investment analysis and strategic decision-making.

European banks are financing energy projects like never before but as the share of volatile renewable sources increases, long-term investment decisions are becoming more challenging.

In this webinar, you will find out how long-term energy forecasting can aid investment analysis and strategic decision-making.

You will learn how forecasts can help understand the profitability of a project before your organization commits to it.

We will present Volue Insight’s Continental Long Term Report which offers a continuously updated outlook on power and commodity prices. We will also dive into the methodology and foundation of the calculations in the report.

The report follows in the footsteps of Volue Insight’s Nordic Long Term Report, which has dominated the industry landscape for 25 years, and covers expectations for the European market until 2050.

When you participate in this webinar, you will get full access to the current Continental Long Term Report. In return, we will ask you to provide feedback on the report and consider recommending it to your customers.

Who is this webinar for

The webinar is for those working with energy projects in banking, investment, project development, PPAs, and similar.


Prof. Dr. Konstantin Lenz

Business Development Manager at Insight by Volue and Professor for Energy Economics
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