Volue Virtual Trade Fair

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Volue Virtual Trade Fair

This year's E-world has been - not surprisingly - cancelled. We will miss meeting you and all our customers, partners, competitors, and friends at Messe Essen.

No E-world, no catch-up?

This year, we invite you to V-world, the first Volue Virtual Trade Fair. The idea is simple. We gather 30+ industry experts from the companies Powel, Wattsight and Likron, now part of Volue, for short meetings in an informal setting.

14-15 April, we have blocked our calendars to meet you and your colleagues. Let's use this opportunity to meet and discuss how we together can utilize the challenges in this exciting and fast-moving industry we all are operating.

Book your session now. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Stefan Zähringer

VP Sales Europe

Christian Skar

Product Manager

Marte Nielsen

Product Manager

Stephan Bury

Team Lead Consulting

Klaus Kiske

Sales Manager

Marco Boninella

Sales Manager & Product Specialist

Hans Eckert

Key Account Manager

Tuukka Hatakka

Product Specialist

Camilla Thorrud Larsen

Head of Product Management

Matteo Cabassi

Senior Business Consultant

Nils Olav Tangvik

Sales Manager, Nordics

Stina Strand

Sales & Account Manager, Nordics

Bjørn Holmvik

Account Manager, Nordics

Tor Reier Lilleholt

Head of Market Analysis

Marianne Aanonsen

Head of Quantitative Analysis

Dr. Vija Pakalkaite

Head of Continental Market Analysis

Joakim Refslund Blakstad, PhD

Lead Hydrologist/Meterologist

Dr. Blazej Radomski

Senior Quantiative Analyst

Dr. Anamaria Toebe

Senior Market Analyst, SEE/CEE

Silvia Messa

Senior Market Analyst, CWE, IT

Christopher Rindahl

Senior Market Analyst, Nordics

Olav Johan Botnen

Senior Market Analyst, Long-term Prognoses

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Lenz

Business Development

Claudia Llinas

Vice President Sales

Espen Andreassen

Lead Analyst Long-term Prognoses

Carsten Focke-Wenzel

Head of Sales – Continental Europe

Tom Løversen

Head of Sales – NP, BLT & UK

Mats Zachariassen

Sales & Account Manager

Dr. Florian Frank

Market Analyst / Founder bei Enexory Energy Markets

Joachim Endress

Gas Market Analyst at Metanopoly

Guillaume Perret

Founder and Director Perret Associates

Dr. Roland Peetz

Managing Director, Likron

Peter Böhmwalder

Sales Manager, Likron

Miroslav Zadak

Likron Gas Execution Service

Richard Sizmann

Co-Founder Likron

Trond Straume

Chief Executive Officer at Volue

Vigleik Takle

Chief Commercial Officer at Volue

Tom Darell

Executive Vice President, Head of Energy

Johannes Holdø

Head of Marketing

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