Climate Leaders of the Future: Volue’s Sophie Seehuus Berg Joins Zero Academy

Every year, Norway’s Zero Academy coaches young people from business, politics and academia to become the climate leaders of the future. This year, Volue Business Consultant Sophie Seehuus Berg is one of them.


Nov 21, 2021

Sophie Seehus Berg, Volue

On 24 November, 1,000 participants from across Norway will gather at Zero Conference, Norway’s largest and most important meeting place for everyone involved in climate, energy and the green transition.

Among them will be the 20 members of this year’s Zero Academy, an initiative that aims to coach Norway’s climate leaders of the future. Sophie Seehuus Berg, Business Consultant for Volue’s Energy line of business, is one of them.

At Zero Conference, she will meet her fellow Zero Academy participants for the first time.

“To have people working in business, politics and academia focusing their minds on the climate is a good thing. This is a great opportunity to learn something not just for myself but also for Volue,” says Sophie Seehuus Berg.

Until June 2022, Sophie and her peers will meet regularly and learn about the latest climate science and available solutions. They will hone their problem solving and change management skills as well as get coached to take on an active role in the green transition. They will have opportunities to network and take part in the public debate.

Strong commitment to sustainability

The organisers want Zero Academy to be a springboard for those who have the commitment and will to create change.

Sophie looks forward to being a part of an inspiring network of young people who have the same commitment, but with different roles and points of view in society. She also looks forward to working with mentors with solid experience in climate management.

But this is also an organisational test.

“I will continue working but I will also need to spend some time focusing on the academy. Volue will support me in this. This shows my company’s commitment to sustainability as much as mine. And I want to give something back and help Volue contribute to a net-zero future.”

This shows my company’s commitment to sustainability as much as mine.

Sophie Seehuus Berg Business Consultant, Volue

From engineering to sustainability

Sophie studied Energy and Environmental Engineering at NTNU, Norway’s leading Technical University.

“Both my parents are engineers and I liked maths and physics at school. I always knew I wanted to study engineering. I also knew I wanted to go into a field that was compatible with the future and technology. I wanted something that could make a difference. I believe that technology plays a big part in the change.”

The most important thing Sophie learnt at university was that environmental solutions also have to make financial sense.

At the moment, she works with clients who mostly have green energy in their portfolios.

“The software Volue delivers is really important to optimise power production, especially when it’s renewable power because renewables are so volatile. Volue comes from the word volatility and reflects the unpredictable nature of renewable power. Volue creates balance where there is volatility.”

“In Norway, we have many hydropower producers and I get to work a lot with them. I see many ways to improve hydro production. If we can produce more with the water we have, that would be great for the environment.”

Recently, Sophie helped Lyse Kraft in Stavanger set up automatic replanning of hydro production. Lyse Kraft is a joint hydropower company established in 2020 by Lyse and Hydro, two of the largest operators of renewable power in Norway.

“At Zero Academy, I expect to talk about my line of work and how I can make a difference there. Volue is one of Europe’s largest enterprise software companies. We deliver software, insight and services for energy production, trading and distribution. Having pioneered green technology for five decades, we are in a position to really speed up the green transition,” Sophie says.