Gemini Conference 2023

The Gemini Conference is a highlight in the water and construction industries, and on November 22-23, we gathered nearly 600 people from across both sectors. The conference is a unique arena for meeting people, sharing experiences and knowledge, and discussing the latest trends.


Nov 24, 2023

Gemini-konferansen 2023 - Team Infrastructure

Innovation hub

The goal of the Gemini Conference is to serve as a meeting place for innovation within the water and construction industries. It is a platform to explore new technologies, address the challenges facing the sector, and discuss the available solutions to overcome them. 

This year's conference focused on several key themes critical to the industry's future, including the digitisation of the industry, rising project costs, and how to handle the ever-increasing demands of infrastructure projects.

Inspiring keynote speakers

Volue is proud to attract key figures in both the water and construction industries. Keynote speakers Julie Brodtkorb, CEO of the Contractors' Association, and Anna Maria Aursund, Director of the Water and Sewerage Department, Oslo Municipality, shared their thoughts on the industry's development, challenges, and opportunities. Participants heard inspiring speeches from both, contributing to shaping and influencing the industry's future.

Gemini-konferansen 2023 - Public

Gemini-konferansen 2023 - Team Morning Run

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Gemini-konferansen 2023 - Public

Volue Conference

Gemini-konferansen 2023 - Julie Brodtkorb

Gemini-konferansen 2023 - Anna Maria Aursund

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Volue's innovation award 2023

During the Gemini Conference 2023, two remarkable individuals were recognised and honoured with Volue's Innovation Award 2023. They were acknowledged for contributing their insights, commitment, and collaboration with Volue to develop the best solutions. During the dinner on November 22, Odd Petter Habbestad from Bømlo Water and Sewerage Company AS was awarded the prize for Water & Community, and Ruben Rosland from Risa AS received the prize for Construction.

We look forward to following the further development of these innovative projects and celebrating more pioneers like Odd Petter Habbestad and Ruben Rosland in the time to come.

Forward-thinking networking opportunities

The conference also offered a diverse range of lectures, courses, and the latest news in the Gemini portfolio. This provided participants with the opportunity to delve deeper into specific topics, share their own experiences, and benefit from the expertise of product specialists.

One of the most valuable aspects of the Gemini Conference is the opportunity for participants to network with industry experts and potential collaborators. Such relationships are crucial for creating future opportunities and driving the industry forward.

Through knowledge sharing and inspiring discussions, participants left the conference with new insights, valuable contacts, and a renewed enthusiasm for shaping the future of the water and construction industry.

We look forward to meeting again at the Gemini Conference 2024 in Trondheim!