Italian Energy Giant Enel Signs Strategic Partnership Contract With Volue

Enel will increase revenue from power generation with software from Volue.


Jan 16, 2021

Windmills on a field

With an annual production of 250 TWh, Enel is one of the largest energy companies in the world. It serves 73 million consumers and has annual revenue of 75,7 billion euros.

“A few percent top-line growth, which is what our software is designed to bring out, represents tremendous value for a company like Enel,” says Trond Straume, CEO of Volue.

The contract confirms Volue’s position as a market leader.

Volue is a leading provider of software solutions for forecasting, optimisation, production planning, energy trading, and scheduling in Europe. Volue’s portfolio currently includes major clients such as Axpo, E.ON, Fortum, Luminus, RWE, Statkraft, Uniper, and Vattenfall.

“This strategic contract confirms Volue’s position as a market leader for power production optimisation and trading and is another confirmation that our solutions have great international potential,” says Straume.

The Enel contract is an important milestone for Volue. Volue will provide software to forecast and optimise Enel’s power generation in Italy, both hydropower and thermal power generation, as well as wind power, solar power, and batteries in the different Italian power markets.

This portfolio consists of around 700 production units, out of which around 200 flexible hydropower plants and 50 flexible thermal power plants. Volue will also provide software for optimisation, trading, and market communication for Enel’s renewable power generation worldwide.

About Volue Smart Generation

Enel will implement Volue Smart Generation, a comprehensive software suite for optimising production from power plants as well as planning in an optimal way. The solution lets you optimise your entire portfolio of different assets such as hydro, thermal, renewables and battery storage as well as build up best practice processes to get the most value out of your assets and market volatility.

This is the largest contract in Volue’s history. It means a lot to us both in terms of market visibility and further product development. We expect further growth in Europe.

Trond Straume CEO, Volue

The Italian market framework is changing rapidly, and Enel needs software solutions to catch new opportunities for value creation in an increasingly competitive environment. Enel aims at maximising the value of its assets against the different markets.

“The adoption of Volue’s software aims at increasing revenues from the asset-backed trading system portfolio. The competencies of Volue and the capabilities of the solution are the most important reasons why we decided on Volue as a partner, says Marco Virgili, Head of Energy Management Digital Factory at Enel.

“Sustainability is key to Volue’s and Enel’s business. Our shared values will facilitate collaboration and increase the success,” says Straume.

For this project, Enel worked with Powel which has since rebranded as Volue.

About Enel

Enel is a multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators. We work in 33 countries across five continents and generated about 250 TWh of electricity in 2018. With almost 73 million end users around the world, we have the biggest customer base amongst our European competitors.