Resolution to increase the share capital

Oslo, 10 November 2021: The board of directors of Volue ASA (the "Company") has today resolved to increase the Company's share capital by NOK 34,236.40 through the issuance of 85,591 new shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 0.40. The resolution has been passed pursuant to the authority granted at the extraordinary general meeting of the Company on 18 October 2021.


Nov 10, 2021

The new shares will be issued to the sellers of ProCom GmbH as part of the consideration for the acquisition of that company. In accordance with the terms of the acquisition agreement, the new shares are being issued at a price of NOK 45.64 per share. The share price is based on 10 day’s volume weighted average share price prior to 30 September 2021 according to the acquisition agreement. Following the share capital increase, the share capital of the Company will be NOK 57,547,885.60* divided into 143,833,714* shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 0.40.

*Share capital and number of shares after increase of the Company’s share capital related to the acquisition of Likron GmbH (pending registration in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises), see stock exchange release from 1 November 2021.